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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

While working on the team website today i decided to bop around and listen to performers.  Changed into a gown and headed out (I hate getting somewhere only to find I can't go in due to dress codes--better to be overdressed than under)  My first stop was Southbound Jazz Club, a new live music venue.....yet a nice size crowd with some old friends I had not seen in a while.  I listened to Ronnie Mays....his rl bio is impressive and so is his stage performance.  Giggles though he has to work on accepting larger tips....he was kind of cute about it.  My venue hopping is two-fold, I am preparing to go back to a full line up at BS's and want to keep up with what is out there, and then to also be able to tell you about the fun places I visit and some of the absolutely awesome performers I find.

Oh on the note of taking BS's back to a full line up, I am in the market for a GOOD general manager.  Most of the readers of this blog are all friends of mine, so you know me well enough to know that BS's is my baby, and I need someone that I can truly entrust it and my lindens  Any ideas, please let me know.

After Ronnie I moved on the the Playhouse just in time to hear the very end of Franck Molko.  Though I just heard his very last song, I am going to make it a point to see him again.  PonDman Haalan took the stage.  This Texan knows his stuff!!!!!  Just as I was starting to thoroughly enjoy myself I looked at the time.....LATE again.  I had to take off to Gwampa's Dance Kamp where UKD Project was putting on a performance of Burlesque for RFL.

There are truly not enough words or the right words to describe this production,  Rola,  the singer has a voice that can not be beat.  Streaming in from Italy, the costumes replicas of the costumes from the movie, and listening to Rola do Cher and Christina Aguilar songs was just amazing...The dancers amazing, The  If you get a chance to see this awesome production I would run to it. 

From Burlesque I headed right over to Romantica Yacht Club where Very Keyes is hosting two weeks of Music For Life for RFL.  Music Oxygen and Kat Rose today...tomorrow she will have Zorch and Johnny Paramour.

From that I took a break......a girl's gotta eat.  When I logged back in, lo and behold there was a notice for Ganjo Mokeev.   Off I went to The Pier!!!  Such a gorgeous venue, and I got there just in time to see my frind Steely DeCosta finishing up. Steely is a great guy and a great performer. I had heard of Ganjo from a team member that i think would bend over backwards to get him at her RFL event.....Now I know why.....WOW!!!!!

With that I needed to call it a day and upload yesterday's pics taken at the RFL events.  oh before I forget....Gwampa's Dance Kamp is known for some wonderfully awesome finds.  One of those that I recently attended was Gago....a rl Japanese Rock band that streams in with the most awesome set and lighting.  Gwampa I am never sure how you find these amazing people with all this talent, but please keep doing it!!!!

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