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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thought I would do some venue hopping tonight....First stop Streaming Falls where my friend, Bat Masters was playing.  He is sooo much fun just to listen to.  Giggles, if you get a chance get him to play his version of Rapper's Delight.  Listening to Bat, mostly because I was able to meet him in Nashville, I could just see the smile while he is singing....and then puts a smile on everyone's face.  Streaming Falls home of the Stream Team is a beautiful venue....though I finally left with leaving a venue tip, I never did find the tip jar.

On to Snug Harbor, a beautiful dance emporium....had to tp away to change as it seemed more formal.  I went back to listen to the lovely voice of Lauren Ilo.  I had not heard Lauren before so this was a real treat.  A beautiful voice and should not be missed.

While I am listening to her, I wanted to touch on a subject that has recently come to my attention.  When I heard it I was dying of laughter.  A host for performer had to host while bald and shoeless, another was  ejected three times....I was dying of laughter and I had to ask what happened.  That's was when I heard about something that ejects you if you are wearing too many scripts.  I was told that the way it was explained was that it was our job as venues to educate the fans and guests that support our venues.  My jaw hit the floor.  First when I went left the corporate world, I left the position of corporate training specialist behind me, and Second Life was meant more for relaxing, not to have to teach others---lol and not even get paid for the rl world that is a high salary job...I do not think that lindens could ever make up that difference so I would not bring it in here.  Giggles, then again this is customer service 101...the customer is always right.  Our visitors quite often tip our venues, that makes them customers.  Anyone from a waitress to a corporate president could tell you this is not exactly a no brainer.  Second, and this goes back to why I originally opened a venue three and half years ago.  I wanted a place that almost all of the sl residents could go to and be comfortable at.  To accomplish that, it is my responsibility to ensure that the people coming to a performance are comfortable.  If they have to don hair, shoes, ao's, etc., they are not comfortable.  If I know that I am going to have a large crowd that will create lag, it is my responsibility as a venue to ensure that the sim can handle it.  There are performers that I have to warn people before they come there to reduce items, but that is when there will be anywhere from 70-100 people guaranteed.  This has truly only happened on a constant level with skye galaxy, Craig Lyons, The Follow, The gReifers, Gago, etc.  Guaranteed if they are appearing lag will be bad.  I also do my part though in helping to reduce it.  The amusement park is shut down....any other scripts besides the intan on the venue are individually turned off.  As a venue owner, I want nothing more than to ensure that the guests visiting my venue are happy and comfortable in their surroundings.  So from here on out all my notices do state:  THIS IS AN AVI FRIENDLY VENUE....NO ONE GETS EJECTED FOR NORMAL HAIR, SHOES, OR CLOTHING SCRIPTS!!!

I am thoroughly impressed listening to Lauren.  I would highly recommend getting out had hearing this lovely woman.

On to Phat's, to listen to Trav McCullough.  Well I had already changed into a gown so I figured I should stay along that path.  I am not sure if I have told you before, but Trav has that voice that you can melt to.  It is easy to just get lost in the songs and float along with it. I will always thank Stephano for restoring Phat's to its former beauty.

I have often listened to the arguments between acoustic and track performers.  Sooo many times the track performers have such wonderful voices, though they do not play an instrument.  Then again, I have often heard some that play an instrument soooo well, but have should not be singing.  Wise performers both track and acoustic should recognize that and work together.....Just imagine the dual streams they can do together.....WOW!!!!  Play on your strengths and utilize your talents to work others and you will each do sooo much more.  Many are already doing this, it is the reason I love dual streaming so very much.

Hoping you are all having a wonderful day!

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