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Friday, August 10, 2012


Most of you know that I love to go venue hopping and check out the wonderful venues in Second Life as well as listen to the amazing performers here.  Recently, I have noticed a few things that I had wanted to talk about.

As venue owners, we talk about attendance usually saying it is down.  Quite often I hear performers saying the same thing.  Though this may just be a sign of the times, I have seen some things that have fallen off.  Most of us know that almost around the clock there is a ton of live performances going on in Second Life.  Especially during those prime times of 4-10 sl time.  We know this more from experience than anything else.  Where I am not seeing it is in Second Life events.  I get notices through the 18 music groups I belong to and post my own events, through the 6-8 Face Book pages.  I will be the first to say kudos to performers and venue owners for using these tools.  At the same time, we should not be forgetting some of the more obvious tools such as events.  Due to the anonymity of Second Life, there are so many that do not utilize Face Book in connection with their Second Life avi.  This is true not only of residents, but of venue owners and performers.  It is important that we keep this in mind and utilize the most obvious of places--Second Life events.

I am not trying to turn this into a what is wrong type blog, but more as a reminder of things that we may be forgetting.  I have been to numerous venues where no one has a clue as to who I am, yet being greeted is not occurring.  So many of us are used to the same people that frequent our venues and shows, those are the people that are recognized as they should be....but so should each person.  Who knows that new person to your venue may appreciate the personal greeting so much that they soon are comfortable and become a friend as so many before them did, and become a regular at your venue, tipping when they can.  Times change, music changes, performers change, venues change......the one thing that never changes is what a personal touch can add to someone's life.

We can all sit back and complain but that really does not accomplish much.  We have tools  and yes, I slack up too.....I need to get back to Moolto and SL Profiles to get my own events back to being listed.  I have groups in both of them....and I have completely neglected them.  Being a venue owner is time consuming, and thank goodness for copy and

On a separate it this new Pathfinder thing that Linden Labs said they were releasing to all servers, is that what is making everything take a million years to rezz?????

Until next time.....hopefully not as far down the road.

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