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Friday, August 10, 2012


WagonWheel Saloon -Jim and Felly's Place where I was so enjoying MrMikey  until I crashed.  Now I would love to say it is SL's fault...but unfortunately, while I was in Chicago turns out something down here took a big lightening hit and did wonders for the internet service....modems, routers, ether net cables have had to be replaced....I have noticed that when it is business hours the internet goes on and off...the only way to get it back is to do a times!!!!.

Woohoo my venue is completely back together and we busy putting together some awesome lineups starting mid August......I know a shameless plug here.  but I am thrilled, I finally found a general manager that is being trained now.   The roster for the 2013 RFL team is well underway.  The 2012 RFL year is ending with the most awesome team in the world, I think I have finally gotten all my thank you's out to the team members, still working on the many many that stepped up to help that were not on the team.   As a first year team I could never be prouder of a team.  I did submit the survey and suggestions for next year, though if last year is any proof, it will not matter,

 As soon as the venue is completely booked I will have the time to get to work on the back burner project for venues, performers, etc.  Once it is done, and the performers that have offered their assistance are in place we will call a meeting to present it and get all those on board that would like to come aboard.  All this and packing my house up for a move back up to Chicagoland.

Today, I am doing some venue hopping.

Threw a gown on, and headed out to hear some ballroom performers, or wherever the wind takes me.

Headed over to Smooth....but sl deciding to be sl...well the lag was so bad nothing ever rezzed.  it took me 4 tries just to tp out of there.  Finally made it out and headed to Club RoCa in the Tropics Music Venue to listen to Spirited Emor  ---great voice and love his playlist.  Ran into some good friends there.  But better yet, this venue's tip jar, it  is worth going to a show there just for their tip of the most unique I have seen.

I stayed so long that I never went further.

This blog is taking me days to finish, but I finally am going to finish it.  Tonight I went to Snug Harbor and had the opportunity to hear a beautiful voice of an old friend that I have not seen in a long time....Jewels Osterham.  This woman has the most wonderful voice add to that a stage presence the exudes  warmth, friendship and pure class.  What a pleasure to listen to her.

I was out looking for more of a ballroom type performer and I think that was about it for the night.   So guess what!!!!!  I am finally going to finish this blog.

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