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Monday, December 31, 2012

I had a blog all ready to publish discussing the direction I saw myself going into.  In the meantime though, I just had to stop and tell you all about a few things that are on my mind.

If any of you are like me, I know this past few days has hit you hard...very hard...there is little to nothing that any of can do, so besides the horrible sadness there is a sense of helplessness that accompanies that sadness.  Everyone does things their own way, myself I will pray for the families in CT, and if there is anything I could ever do to help ensure something this horrendous never happens again, that is where I will be.

Yesterday, I had gone to Avi Choice awards, I had not spent any money on RFL since the Christmas Expo started on RFL.  That is just me...I am not one into breedables so though the Expo offered a few other things, most seemed dedicated to one part of the SL community.  On that note though, even though I am not a breedable, I have to admit the creativity that goes into them is pretty awesome...I am just a clutz at taking care of any critters rl or sl. The amount of funds that the breedables was amazing.  Though the Avi Choice Awards included the music community, so me being just me.....set myself up to go make my donations.

Mind you it is sl and there will always be lag, it is so important that any event plan well for these things....laughing I remember the Mardi Gras parade last year, and thinking the same....planning for these things does make a huge difference.  I will say that it was rough.  instead of seating to accomodate everyone...the stage and table and chairs were pretty much on the same sim.  As people filled up the venue, the announcer did say that some of us may be asked to leave.  In the meantime, I was trying to help a performer get to the stage, he was telling me that the other person was getting flustered.  Giggles, for future reference I should remember the solution.....when flustered and stressed....just throw em all out.....  Never asked to leave I found myself ejected and banned....but it was not just me, everyone was.  Without warning.  I left.  I think the most appalling part to me was no announcement that this would occur, nor any apology to all of the people that were in attendance and had this happen to them.  Someone did ask me if I ever held an event that had issues, what would I me that is an easy answer....I coordinated it, I am responsible for it...I would take responsibility and apologize profusely to any that it may have effected.  

On to more positive things, the musical end of the Avi Choice Awards:  I must say that I am proud to know each of these people and impressed with their accomplishments:

Favorite Classical Musician - Voodoo Shilton
Favorite SL Musical Group - the Follow – Powers Avon, Troy Shoreland and AJ Darkwatch
Favorite Singing Duo - Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli
Favorite Female Musician - Savannah Coronet
Favorite Male Musician - Joaquin Gustav
Favorite Rock Singer - Skye Galaxy
Favorite Blues Singer - Noma Falta
Favorite Pop Singer - Maximillion Kleene
Favorite Country Singer - Savannah Coronet
Favorite DJ - Mark Attenborough
Favorite Rock Club - Junkyard Blues – Kiff Clutterbuck
Favorite Jazz Club - Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Favorite Live Music Venue - Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Favorite Formal Venue - Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra

 I am honored to know each and everyone of you.

Oh and finding that my skin and my hair (I bounce between Calico and Truth) were also winners in the awards....needless to say, I shamelessly beamed.  For a complete list of all the winners:

I also have to hand it to the people that are actually finishing the Race for the Bells....I look at the winner (and I love a good hunt) ...for those that are not familiar with this race...Unlike a hunt where you receive a gift at every stop....this is a timed hunt.....25 sims across the grid, 25 bells to collect....If you redo the race to get a better time, the bell will be moved.....So on that note, to see the top people at 11 minutes, 18 minutes, and 20 minutes....You truly leave me in awe.....I have a great computer and could not arrive at and have everything rezz at 25 sims in 11 minutes ... let alone search for a bell.  You guys are awesome.

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