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Monday, December 10, 2012


As always, I am apologizing for not keeping for this updated.  I have a few excuses, lazy being one of the top, adding in a busy season, still recuperating from the relocation and other things that rl decided to throw at me, and one of the largest.....confused thoughts about the direction I wanted to go within the music community.  I believe I have made some major decisions regarding this after doing a a great deal of soul searching.  I will get to some of those thoughts in the next blog, I would like to take a few minutes and catch you up on some of the things this month.

Thought I would spend some time jumping to the more formal venues and performers....into a gown I went....

First far from formal  I stopped at West Hollywood and listened to Serene Mcgillivary....Then on to something more appropriate for the attire...Frank's Elite.  I really need to get out more....I forget how lovely these places are and Frank's, well there is no other in sl that can truly compare to Frank's Elite.  Nanceee has so out down herself there.  Waiting for Rocketman Galaxy to take the stage.  I have not listened to Rocketman in quite some time, so this should be fun.  It never fails, one of the best things about going to different venues is seeing old friends.  Gemm and GerryWanless, these are two people I met through the desire to want to do something for RFL and they joined the team...These two are the proud owners of Queens Arms...and by the way, they both looked absolutely awesome here.

From Frank's I went on to hear the very talented Ceci Dover doing a latin show at Arosa village.  Ceci has one of those voices, that no matter what language she is performing just want to dance.

I went on to Nikita Ridge, my wonderful Canadian friend Bree Birke's place where they are doing 6 hours of music for Canada Night of Northern Stars......this is a gorgeous venue and filled with such good friends....Krisie Snowdrop was performing....she is sooo awesome, I had the privedge of meeting her in Nashville.  Along with other close friends that weree there....Shaye Dezno and Gary Jonstone, Donny Collazo is next on the stage, and somewhere in there is my friend Max and Shaye....phew those Canadians have sooo much of sl's talent up there.

As the month went on, the Second Life Music community suffered a horrible loss with the passing of Circe Broom.  Circe was and will stand for all that Second Life live music holds dear.  She will live forever within our hearts. Many have shared their memories of Circe and all that she had done for live me in many ways she was a mentor when I was first starting out, I will always remember the many things she shared with me.

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