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Monday, December 31, 2012


With the ending of 2012, so also ends the BS's "Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile".  this was decided upon after a great deal of soul searching.  As I bounced back and forth, one day a performer actually made it final in my mind.   There was a performer that im'd me....just as I was trying to get an event going, never asked how I was doing or anything else in the world...except do I have any intention of hiring him back.  I did explain that money has been tight, having just relocated, replaced a computer system and the holidays here. and he let it go....needless to say I have not heard another word...then again, is this the type of character that I would have perform matter what my financial situation was, now that is truly debatable.  Everyone goes through ups and downs, but when a performer makes me feel that our friendship is based on my wallet.....well it makes one wonder. This was when I knew that the venue was done.  Times have changed, it made me remember my friend Craig Lyons, who has since left Second Life, but was a great performer while here.  There was a time when rl had taken a bit of a toll on me, though I would never accept it, this is a performer that told me not to worry about anything that he would perform for free at BS's, It was a health situation that made me step back for a few weeks in there and not a financial one, he never probed to see what was wrong, just gave from his heart.  He brought tears to my eyes...and until the day he left Second Life I would hire him over and over again.  Sometimes that small offer of generosity can affect people in ways that no one realizes.

I believe it is time for me as a person to remember what Second Life is all about and get back to enjoying focus more on myself both in sl and in rl.  I will say that it is one of the hardest decisions in Second Life that I have ever made.  Telling my friend Max Kleene was another a very difficult thing to do.  Max opened BS's with me On July 3rd, 2009 and has been at BS's every single week since barring different circumstances (rl), it was only fitting that Max have the last performance at BS's.  I was the blubbering idiot at the end as Max had performed "Still's Song" and the closed the performace with Greenday's  "Time of Your Life".

One of the guests asked me that night, was I aware that the next question will be about the team.  So before anyone automatically assume, or jump to conclusions, I will give you the same answer that I gave them.  I have had not had a chance to meet with the co-captains yet and hope to within this next week.  SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE will continue to go forward.  Once we have our meetings and then the team brainstorming meetings, there will be more clarification in the avenues followed at that time.  Until then...lips are sealed.

This does mean though with free time on my hands, that I will have more opportunities to visit different venues, hear the many different performers and find that talent here in Second Life to write about.  I also have something that I would ask people to think about and consider.  The website directory for live music venues is a paid for website.  Currently it is paid in full until October 2013.  I am hoping that someone will take an interest and want to continue it from that point.

To those of you that have performed at BS's, visited BS's and supported both me and the venue over the years, I will never find enough words to express my gratitude.  You have touched my heart  in so many ways.


  1. Still... you are the best! I can imagine how difficult this decision was for you because of your love of and dedication to supporting live music in SL.
    I look forward to continuing to see you around the grid and reading about the awesome talent we are so lucky to be able to enjoy in SL.

    Thank you Still for all you have done and continue to do to support live music in SL!
    See you inworld!
    Carol *hugs*

  2. Thank you sooo very much Carol! And thank you as well to the many performers and venue owners that have im'd or emailed me. Each of you continues to show me what I love about this community.

  3. Still, you will continue to bring a great deal of spirit and energy to all you do in SL. We appreciate the history of BS's and the wonderful times so many enjoyed there. You have brought many smiles to many people, and no matter how things change, that will continue.
    Thank you for that, for your tireless efforts with Relay for Life, and for your caring and generous spirit.
    See you soon as you bop around the grid!
    Mireille (and Aeon too!)

  4. Mireille, Thank you sooo very much. This will give me more time to get out to wonderful venues like yours and be able to tell people about the awesome venues and talent here in SL.

    Hugs to both of you,


  5. Take care still and happy travels round the grid.
    hugs from me n sparrow

  6. Awweee Wolf n Sparrow, I will have the time to get out and see people again, besides you are not rid of me....still the Captain and blog writer.