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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Yahoo!!!  Construction is just about done on my sim...focusing on the team a great deal and this morning I got a chance to venue hop...Finally!!!

Started at a favorite venue of mine...Guthries....always a wonderful place to visit and Dottie outdoes herself in her choice of line up.  This morning I had the pleasure of listening to an absolutely beautiful voice...Phoe Nix.  This woman has the voice of an angel.  My advice to you, if you see her don't walk to one of her shows, you are truly in for a treat!

On to Singers Haven a new venue for me to hear FredMergatroid Resident. Another awesome voice at a great venue.  This must be my lucky is starting out perfect.....  On to another favorite of mine...Kickin Club.  This venue, always packed, it was like old home week, I was able to see so many friends.  Listened to the lovely sounds of Jacqueline Luik.  She truly knows how to WOW a crowd.

I went on to another new venue and a performer I had not heard before PALAZZO LIVE MUSIC VENUE, and was able to listen to UtahCowboy Kayor.  He has one of those soothing voices....ooohhh darn I lost the stream.....relogged, that did not work, tp'd home....there I had the stream so I went back...for whatever reason I could not get the stream there.  Time to think a little about rl and eating something anyway, so until the next hour begins.....

I never made it back....but went out today to do a bit more....started out at Blue Moon, I had not been to that venue I love finding new places.  It has such a cozy comfortable feel and Madmax Huet playing the blues...what a great way to start.

On to another old favorite Cafe Casablanca, it was so good to be able to talk with NytEyes.  She let me know about an old friend that had passed away due to cancer.  Shakes many good people lost to this devastaing disease.  Before I regress to how important the team is, I should let you know that I have been listening to Alatiel Pessoa.  I have never heard her before, she puts on a show that truly carries one away, and so much of it is not in Englixh.  I must admit that is one facet of sl music that I love.  No matter what t5he language, if the music and voice are does not matter what language....the magic is still woven.

That was all I had time for before rl took over.  That darn rl, always finds a way to throw in a curve ball.

I have to admit, it felt good to get back out and enjoy the things I like so very much about sl....the live music community.

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