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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


After spending about 30 minutes at The Jitterbug I went on the Kickin to hear Theresa Nayar.  As always Kickin was packed.....this has to be one of the busiest venues in sl with such a loyal following.  Then stayed to listen to Lance Winslow.  One can really multi task while listening.

Then I got much for venue hopping.  There was cancel in the Titanic line up and so I headed out to ballrooms.  We were lucky and someone on the team stepped up to fill the position.  But before they did I headed over to Charleston Lace Ballroom.  Imagine my surprise shen I was not allowed due to not being on the access list.  So I im'd my friend Karen and asked....she went on to explain that they had changed it to a members only ballroom with a fee for joining.  She was kind enough to pay the fee and send me the group invite.  She also explained that they changed it to keep out griefers.  She also went on to explain that another venue had done the same.

Though I completely understand their concern about griefers, it brought to mind a couple of other concerns.  In a round about way this is paying for live music.  Many of you know my stance on that.  For those of you that are new to my opinions, I am very much against charging to hear a live performer.  Now in thinking about this, I had another concern....many of our performers cover many venues on the grid, they are having to droip and switch groups all the time.  Their following does not....unless they are like me that completely uses all 42 group slots....Some for promotional purposes, some for my favorite designers with paid for groups (I will not give those up) and my own groups.  The following these performers have, does this mean that they have to pay and join a group to see their favorite performers......As much as we would like to think everyone is independently wealthy, they are not.   some of the best followers may not have any money, does this discourage them....makes one wonder.  From my own personal perspective, if I have to join a group to enter a venue.....tipping that venue will not happen.  The price to join may only be 100 linden, where as I typically tip venues at least double that.  Now another that I headed over to is a members only and it is free to join, but you have to request membership. 

I think the one thing that bothers me most is that this is what we have often allowed griefing to do to us.  I would have to ask why one venue is griefed more than another.  Then again, I was at one a couple of weeks ago and they actually have build me that is like inviting griefers.....Yet I go to many many venues that do not have these problems.....why is it that some venues are griefed worse than others.

Now this is something I am going to ask in the live music venue owners group.  I would love other opinions.

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