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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It is not often these days I find myself with free time in Second Life.  It seems like I am pulled in a million directions at times....BUT today woohoo I get time to venue hop.  Starting out at an old favorite  Kicken.  Crash Landfall was performing.  While listening to Crash, I want to address something I have heard about recently.

Mind you, I have heard this and when I asked others there was some confirmation in there but they did not have exactly the same experience.  Second Life attracts people from all over, some with the financial means to do things and other that do not have them.  Some newer people that do not always realize about tipping and may not even have money on an account yet.  I have actually heard of a performer that berates people if they do not tip him enough.  That thoroughly bothered me.  I had a venue for almost 4 years and will reopen after RFL is done.  I have been a captain of a RFL of SL team now for two years.  Last year I heard about from one performer that had a fan win an item in a auction that we put on.  She read me the riot act because she did not feel I thanked that person enough.  These two people really bothered me....what makes the person that spends 1000 linden any better than the person that spends 10 linden.  Most of the music community is so very grateful to their fans as are the venues....but just like anything else, there are always a few bad apples.  Now I am done ranting.

Back to venue hopping.  On to Roy Mildour's Arts and Photography to listen to someone I had not heard before Essence Bilasimo.  I got here about 10 minutes early and there was no one here so I will wait a bit but no one ever did show.  So I got distracted in a skype call and then while talking did some bebopping around to check out different log homes...gotta admit if you are ever looking for the truly the best, just im me is a toss up between two.  Took some time out for rl and came

The Jitterbug.....a really nice venue.  Tom and Gerry did a good job in putting it there and also by getting some in great performers.  I am listening to Nefer Adder.  Now I have to admit, that though I only speak English.....I also love to find talent that is from all around the world....sometimes it is not the words but the voice that can leave one speechless.  Nefer has an amazing voice.

Now that reminds me of someone else I must tell you about.  Though I try hard to keep the team and the blog seperate, it is difficult as the team is all about live music in sl.  This past weekend we held the International Song Contest.  Now those of you that know me well, know I do not condone many so called talent contests....they are next to impossible to do in sl without judges that have the credentials and are totally impartial.  Because of that, I tend to brush off most of those that claim to have won this or that.....and tend to laugh when I see a ton of self important titles in a profile.  So though this event had the word contest and a was not based on talent and done seley to gather performers areound the world for fund raising for RFL of SL....which by the way, turned out extremely well resulting in 166,000+ lindens in an hour.  With Phil Setner from Scotland bringing in the most in the most lindens.  Now I wanted to tell you about a woman from Italy that also performed, Vivianna Houston.  She performed two in Italian and though I did not understand the words, her voice was mesmerizing.....then she did a song that no one should do unless they can do it 100% right or it really takes away from the song.....She did Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You.....and wow my jaw was on the ground, she was phenomenal.

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