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Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am on a weekend with no events planned, during the RFL that is rare, so I thought I would take the time and do what I love best.....visiting venues and finding performers I had not heard yet, as well as some that I just adore listening to.

Armed with a huge mug of hot black coffee, off to one of my favorire spots to start the day.  GUTHRIES!!!!!  I got there and found that my friend Twinky was hostessing as one of the team's visionary's was FINALLY getting some long overdue R n R,,,,Dottie take your time and catch up rest, but know you are missed.  Then I did not follow local so I don't know wheat happened to the performer, I will try to make it back there.

Instead search did not show me many live shows this early, so I tried sopmething different and headed over to The Rafters, for open mike.  Low and behold there was avantgarde Frequency, smiles as he made my coffee so much better.

So much for that day.....duty calls.  The search for international performers that can fit into time slots continues.

Back to venue hopping again on Tuesday.  Just whwen I thought I had the International Song Contest done, we had a cance due to rl.  That darn real life.....pops up just when you aren't expecting it.  So looking for another international performer.  The took me to The Ragged Edge, and listening to paradorn Ansar.  I love The Ragged is owned by a good friend Katspurs and is just one of those comy venues.

On I went to PALAZZO LIVE MUSIC VENUE....listening to Onster Merlin, I also had at the same time received a tp request from my friend Impress at  Vincent's Blues and Jazz Bar to come hear a woman that I had never heard before,Essence  she could sing, but I was on a mission at the time for the International Song Contest so I could not stay and went back to Onster's show.  You know I have hear Onster's name quite a bit in the past, but never make it to any of her performances.....I am totally impressed.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

And I stayed at Palazzo listening to VincentSantino Resident.  What a fun show he puts on.  took us all down memory lane with the Monkees.  Made me remember Davy Jones being plaster all over bedroom walls as a kid. 

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