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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It sure does not seem like it has been almost a month since my last blog.  To my own credit though, I have been busy.  Well busy and also waiting for winter to end.  I am starting to wonder if it ever will.

This has been a month of building for me.  The amusement park is open and has more roller coasters than any other park i have seen in Second Life.  Smiles, some very rare ones.  Max Kleene opened BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile" and we opened with a bank.

Today I am back to venue hopping.  I started The Celler listening to Scarlett Roux then onto a favorite Kickin to listen to someone I have not heard in a long time,  REALLYMAD Morpork.  He has a wonderful voice.  Now Many do not realize it but there is a difference between performing and entertaining.Some people get on the stage and perform and do so beautifully, where as others get on that stage and entertain.  There is a rapport with the audience, keeping the audience's attention and quite often brings a good chuckle interacting with them.  REALLYMAD Morpork while an awesome performer is also a great entertainer!!!!

Giggles. I do believe I hit the jackpot.  Ladies take note!!!!!  All of us get hit on all the time.  So when those random requests come to dance or goofy things just respond with no thank you I am also working on a blog.  You will receive an apology for bothering you.  IT WORKS!!!!!

After ReallyMad Morph, I hung around for a bit and listened to Bill473 but then I was off to do things in rl and also my downfall to check out 60 linden weekends.  The nice thing about that is they give the pictures of all of the items participating, so I only have to visit the stores I that I saw something that held my interest.  Though Saturday proved to provide some drama.  Last week after asking a manager for help of which they do not do.....go figure, she blocked me.  and her block message was not nice.  This amazed me as she represents the owner.  So I had promptly sent the owner a notecard.  Mind you this is an owner that I have been of her group for many years and I have spent quite a bit of money with her over those years.  She was back in the 60L sale so I went back there and this time the owner was online.  Laughs we go all the way back to when she was partnered and her partner was a dj, and I had helped promote him.  So I nicesly asked if she had received the notecard as I had not heard anything.  She pretty much read me the riot act and then promptly blocked me with a blocked message that was filled with cussing.  This has just amazed me as she owns a business, and the cornerstone of any business is good customer service.  At that point I promptly removed myself from her group and refuse to shop there anymore.  Though I have not stated her name or business in here, if anyone would care to know, just im me privately.  It is just me, but after many years in advertising/promotion/marketing I am strong believer in the make someone happy and 5 people hear of it.  Have an upset customer and 20 people hear of it theory.

Now on that note, I have to admit, there are soooo many other businesses out there that have amazed me with the good customer service they give.  My favorites are all in my groups. as well as so many others that groups just does not allow room for.  I always try to do something on the venue as well for the businesses that I truly believe in and the owners are amazing people. Many of whom have become the best of friends over the years.  So if you are ever needing something and looking, again just im me privately and I will give you my opinion of the best places to visit.

I also did something out of the unusual for me ....I joined the Flashdancers.  Now this is an amazing group of people, visiting all over the grid at live music events.  They are also the most welcoming group of people I have had the pleasure of joining.  i would recommend to anyone involved in the live music community of second life to clear out a group space and join this group.

Finished the day listening to the amazing Samm Qendra at the Music Machine.  

Now that the venue is open along with everything else, I can go back to venue hopping....Yahoo!!

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