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Sunday, April 27, 2014


After a couple of full days....and emotional ones, my youngest child graduated college yesterday.  Sooo proud but remembering the day I brought her home for the first time and wondering how the heck time flew by sooo fast.

Home now and relaxing....What a perfect way to spend way to spend a lazy Sunday and Russell Eponym at Guthries.  Entering events for today's line up, just relaxing....Russell has that wonderful peaceful effect.

Today I need to get to work on putting together a special event for around mid fundraiser no anything like that  chuckles until I find an organization worth supporting in sl I will not be doing any fundraisers.  I am still working with Stand Up 2 Cancer trying to get things worked out and set up correctly.  I also have to admit, that due to another Facebook thread, today I looked much closer at Feed A Smile.  Pretty impressive and it seems that 100% of the donations go to Kenya where they are truly making a difference.

Now if there are any performers that may be interested in one very special hush hush event please contact me....and yes it is paid for not volunteer, also dj's.  I am hoping that once promotional material is ready, I see so many of you there.  It should prove to be just a lot of fun, something we all deserve.

Lately I have been following a thread on FaceBook started by a friend of mine wondering about notices, spamming etc.  I will admit I entered into the thread thinking one thing and saw quite few viewpoints.  I believe (not to say that this necessarily the right way, but it is just my opinion.)  Many of us hit all different groups and pages as well as other virtual means to promote our events....Here is my take on it.  I will continue to promote in as many places as possible....even going back to slprofiles and moolto.  I will use the Venue's Face Book page, still's page, all the different pages on FB and Face Book Events.  I will also continue to use my artizan mailbox (I got tired of paying Subscribo for having so many members and switched to Artizan it allows me to send out 3000 people at once and only cost me 650L.   as well as inworld groups and Second Life Events.  I have a theory about that, actually dating back to working in an advertising agency for 15 years.

There used to be a saying that went something like this  A man woke up knowing he was closing his business that day.  got up from sleeping on a advertised mattress, ate an advertised brand of cereal for breakfast, showered and shaved with well advertised products, put on a suit from an advertised clothing store, got in his advertised make and model car, to drive to his office and close his unadvertised business.  Now that is not exactly how it went, but you should get the general idea.  It is no different with promoting someone someone or something, yes soo much of it is the same people.....that is no different than rl....many of us could do jingles in our heads of things advertised and we have heard them sooo very much.  But when one new person listens to that performer or tries that product, you have expanded the exposure.

I also have to add....just sayin....that I miss so many of the performers that have left sl.

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