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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Most of you know that I have been building a line up.  I have tried to get out there and visit many of the newer performers.  I have always liked finding different people and missing them in with some of the awesome performers that Second life has.  Lately I have something seen that is very different in the Second Life Live Music c\Community  Now I know I have been out of the loop for a while but this is something I never expected find.  I have seen similar type topics in FaceBook as well.

I am finding newer performs have been much ruder.  I have thought often why that is.  My suggestion to newer performers is to realize that even though you may be an amazing performer, that you realize SL is full of amazing performers.  Take the time and get out there venue hop, get to know the community you belong to.  The competitiveness between performer and yes even venues hurts what has always been a wonderful community belong to.

This is a community that bands together in so many ways.  The most giving and compassionate community that I know of in SL.  The reason I reopened the venue is simply that I have missed this community.

Wow, I am seeing the same in venue owners and I have just do not understand it.  Yes times are hard and venues are a drain on all of our wallets, but no matter what each of us is in the same boat.  Yes the economy is hard and rl takes is taking its toll on each of us.  SL is our escape from that.  Lets get back to doing what we do best......getting along and working together to listen to the one thing that we all share...our love for music.  Performers take the time to visit those that have been around for a long time and those that are "seasoned" reach out to the newer performers.  Who knows, you may find someone that is awesome to dual with with.  At the very least you would make a new friend and help them to feel this awesome community that we all belong to. 

Lets get back to building it up and not tearing it down.

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