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Friday, May 9, 2014


Wow, can you believe two days in a row venue hopping....starting at The Luna-Tiki Lounge.  Getting to listen to Chicago Sax.  I have to admit that the sax is one of my absolute favorite instruments to listen to....and wow can this this man play.  Listening to words are needed.  So I snuck a look at his profile.  His background is impressive and he says he still plays around the Chicago area, this is one that I would go out of my way to see.  I may have to find out when and where, grab a rl friend and go see him.  It would be soooo worth it!!!!

I stayed to the end and moved on to Vincents Blues and Jazz Club.  This is a performer that I had not heard before and wow what a strong good voice,  Another Chicagian smiles I love it when good ones from what I call home!  This is LuvofMusic and her name truly fits her.

Hanging my head....ok I admit I was lazy, I put this down and am just now getting back to it.  On that note I am didcating this to my good friend Mire.  She got such a laugh the last time I did my hair  and blogged  while venue hopping at the same time.  this time I saw arrrrggghhhh the hated gray strands.  I am the kind if you see them one day, they will be gone the next.  So today I am getting rid of the gray.  Men you are so lucky, gray hair looks good on you.  Giggles especially salt and pepper.  But many of us women struggle to keep it away.  Myself, I am not the type to grow old gracefully, they will have to drag me kicking and screaming all the way.  So once this is done I will be off to the salon for layering and a small trim.....get my bangs to where I can see again without pushing them off to the side.

Starting today at Kickin  where I am listening to sooooo lovely voice of Jen Waddington, a performer from the UK.  But when she ends it is time for my daily addiction of General Hospital and starting this hair of mine.

Oh before I forget I wanted to bring up Some Enchanted Evening Prom 2014.  There will be a photographer on the premises to take pictures of couples and individuals as they arrive.  The crowning will take place roughly about mid way through the Prom with the Queen and King both receiving Lindens, gifts and crowns.  Many of you know how fussy I am clothing wise, so I had a lot of fun finding the perfect crowns but I do believe the Queen and King will be pleased.  There will be an after Prom party immediately following.  The after party will take place at BS's  Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile.  Now how do you enter the running for the Queen and King?  That is easy.  You take this slurl to

click on the board with the pink top for the Queen and the the one in blue for the King.  Enter and then touch your voting box again to enter a picture.  Either a profile pic or another.   Then let your friends know to come vote for you.  Each person can only vote once for Queen and once for King.  There are already performers running, venue owners, fans and others.  This is no cost to anyone, it is about having fun. 

The lineups for the prom and after prom are being finalized.  As soon as they are complete they will be released.

Off to hair and my addiction.  To be continued ........

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