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Friday, May 2, 2014


I have not been doing this so much lately, but in my defense, I have been working on a special event in May.  Guess what it is ready!!!!  One night I was talking with a friend and we got to talking about how much fun a Prom would be, you know me...I get an idea and run with it.  Wanting to make this as much as a Prom as can be, there is a ballroom with a place for dinner, and of course since we are all above age, drinking!!! The theme of this Prom is SOME ENCHANTED EVENING.  There are voting boards set up for both a Prom Queen and a Prom King.  There is not cost to enter nor is there a cost to vote.  Each avi can only vote once for each.  Many of you know that I despise those contests that cost to vote or that someone can vote every day.  The actual prom is being held May 17 5-8PM.  Here is the slurl to enter and to vote:

Back to venue hopping, starting at Kickin always a favorite to hear people I have not heard before.  Today I am listening to Bandit Eddingham, nice voice, acoustic and some of the old country.....a great change of pace.  His bio reads like a who's who of Nashville. Truly a talented man.

On to another wonderful friend's venue, AerRock  beach where I am listening to Agusto.  As much as I have seen this man's name I have not had a chance to hear him.  Mind you I am a bit over dressed today in a gown, but that is simply because of the genre at my venue this evening.  Agusto is also an acoustic performer doing a great deal of older country.  A different sound that Bandit, but also a great voice!

On to Vincent's Blues and Jazz Bar, a nice place.  I had the opportunity to listen to Rico Dee.  Wow a nice voice!

Now something is truly puzzling me.  Venues are dependent on tips, it costs to put these wonderful performers on the stage, unless you are a tips only venue.  Yet I have been to venues that neither the owner (quite often not even there) or host never even says hello, yet the all have greeters that ask you to join their group and give out a lm.  My question is, how can you expect tips if 1., you are not present, and 2 nothing is done to make your guests welcome.  I am a huge believer that venue tips increase when it comes from a sincere performer....but if you want the performer to truly be sincere, shouldn't you be there making them feel that way? Each of us plays off the other.  Myself, I will not go venue hopping if I can not tip both the venue and the performer.  I have found myself not tipping venues that do not bother to pay attention to their guests.  So lets see now.... I am just one person, I wonder how many others you may be missing.  Then later complain that you venue is not getting tips.  When you do receive a tip, then maybe we could all have the common courtesy of saying thank you beyond a tip jar saying a generic thank you.  There is not one avi that has to tip, so whether it be one linden or 1 million linden (ok I dream) they do it out of their goodness of their heart and we should all recognize and appreciate it. 

Time to take a break......hangs head I would imagine there is a 12 step program for this, but I am addicted to a soap area....and it is time for General Hospital and heading into sweeps month.  They say that admitting it is the hardest part.

On to Franks Elite, always crowded....but I fit in better with my  Listening to Lauren Ilo. such a sweet voice.  Then on to Sweet Escapes Country where I listened to the absolutely Samm Qendra.  Since the first time I heard this woman, her voice has always amazed me she is truly one of the most angelic voices in Second Life.  This venue is cool and there quite a few people here, but I also noticed that in a gown I am dancing in the dirt, hoe the sl dry cleaner is open.

I think this is enough for today as I am feeling a need for a nap.

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