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Monday, June 30, 2014


Yes it has been a few days since I wrote that last post, I kept meaning to add to it but figured it would better to start a new one, that one was long enough.

Tonight I started out at Whiskey Go Round and saw an old friend Buffalo Mike.  Looking forward to seeing him again at the Twin Cities jam.  Then had to go visit a grand opening and see my very good friend Max Kleene.  Wow this place is packed.  Music in the Mist is a wonderful new venue.  The owners Ryan and Jaiden have truly out done themselves.  This is a beautiful venue.  The owners are also such lovely people, offering their help in any way possible.  In this absolutely beautiful venue is a tip jar that quickly became dear to me.  Everyone knows BS's by the giant Hippo tip jar, well Music in the Mist has a Panda.  I love it!!!!

I stopped in Sunday on the 4th anniversary of B&B's......Bundy has run an amazing venue and had some absolutely brilliant people there for 4 years.  We did a little reminiscing ...thinking about how quickly time flies.  That reminded me....On July 4th, BS's celebrates 5 years as a venue.  The line up is huge with many of the performers that started with me and some of the other amazing talent I have met along the way.  I will be sending out invitations later this week.  But mark your calendars,  Starting at 1pm through 11pm we have some of the very best performers in sl making an appearance!

 Monday I started my day at Guthries, a wonderful place to begin a new week listening to Joe Paravane.  This is truly a wonderful way to start a my a relaxed mellow location surrounded by friends with the so smooth voice of Joe Parvane and talking with one of my oldest friends, CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster.  It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to hear Celtic, but ooohhhh what an amazing voice.  If you have not heard her, I highly recommend watching events and catching her.  Staying to hear the oh so lovely voice of Celtic.

I can't close out this month without telling you that I also have had the sheer pleasure of attending the venue of two very  very good friends and though I am not regaling her with stories of getting my hair done while I am Mireille Jenvieve and Aeon Woodford owners of Ce Soir to hear the amazing Russell Eponym.  Ce Soir is such a beautiful venue and does so very much besides live music.  I would tell you to check out this venue even if I did not love the owners as much as I do.

As I am getting ready to close my books for the month of June, I am looking back on this month.  What a month it has been.  Some really highs and dome devastating lows.  Many of you im me quite often to wonder how I am doing.  When the month started I was hoping to be able to use a living donor for a transplant.  This would allow me to take on the treatments to battle the lymphoma....To me that was really positive, then the appointment with the oncologist and told that I was a stage 4 lymphoma.  it has killed the living donor option and the thought of any treatment to battle it.  I have learned what being between a rock a rock and a hard place really is.  After being sorry for myself for a bit in there and trying to crawl under rock (thank you to those very good friends that did not allow that) I am more upbeat and accepting thing as they are.....A couple of major decisions have been made,  first....get out of more winters like this last one.  Thinking the Carolinas or Virginia...keeping the seasons yet also having my love of the coast.  My granddaughter turned two, and I had the sheer pleasure of sending her a Disney princess drum set (call it revenge on her mom for those teen years) I have found that I have absolutely the very best friends in the world, and would be lost without them.  I also have some of the most amazing performers at the venue.  So though the month has had its lows....I believe the highs far out weigh them.

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