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Monday, June 30, 2014


I started out today at Cafe Casablanca listening to Mitch Trellis.  A beautiful venue....Mitch was really pleasant to listen to and I was in a long conversation with his manager/partner who also owns two other venues.  Now looking at events and seeing where to head to next.

On to Tricksters,  lucky me I got there at the end of Caasi Ansar's show.  That girl has a beautiful voice....and I adore her Scottish accent.  I never heard anyone say the word butt before and actually make it sound cute.  Caasi does.  I had been invited here today to listen to a newer performer.....Ashton Andretti.  Acoustic and great.  Just starting out so he does not have a huge following, I would say give it time.  and he is great with talking to the audience.  I truly wish I had openings right now....but I would recommend him to any venue owner that has an open spot.  Chuckles but I am trying.....

Well I stayed at Lokkie's place for the entire hour, I was enjoying the show so much.  Took a break for rl for a while and when I got back headed over to Club Enchanted Diner to see an old friend that I missed a great deal.  Never able to catch her in performances and never see when she logs in just as she is logging out....darn....But today I saw both her log in and this wonderful performance at Club Enchanted.  It is none other then my very good friend Katarina Malaspina.  Not only a wonderful person...but what an amazing voice.

After spending some time talking my old friend and updating the venues information in the directory...I headed over to Mystic Cove to listen to outstanding Wayne Davis.  Giggles sooner or later people will not be gray here ......I stuck around for a while ....Wayne Davis is sooo talented.  From there I went on to Pink Ducks Emporium....a venue I had never been to to listen to a performer that I had not heard before tobykip Lionheart.  Unfortunately, while there I had the benefit of having to listen to someone that seems to create drama everywhere .....thank goodness Toby's sweet voice kept me somewhat sane before I finally got tired of it.

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