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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Well I am on a roll!!!!  Actually I started going out to each of the venues in the Live Music Directory to ensure that it was accurate.....Now sometimes I just do not stop and think!!!  I should know better then to bounce around the grid on reset Tuesdays.

So what is the next best thing to do------LIVE MUSIC OF COURSE!!!!.  Checking events I headed over to Tricksters and listened to my buddy Steely Decosta.  Talked with Lokki for a bit and listened Steely....always fun to do.

Hit events after that and saw a name that I had heard of but not listened to top it all off, my favorite group Flashdancers were there....soooo off I went to Low's bar & Playboat "Naughty Wishes. A new performer and a new venue for me and both were absolutely amazing!  Listening to NonahReeves.....and she is a performer that will truly WOW you.  Talking with her manager, my friend,  Impress Allen, I wished I had an opening....unfortunately well fortunately...I am completely booked.If any venue is looking for an amazing performer and is open for European hours, I would sooo highly recommend this very talented woman.  The venue is also a wonderful venue....I fell in love with they made their dance floor.....unique creative and beautiful.

Speaking of....The live Music Venue Directory is growing, though some may be outdated....I will bounce around on a day that is not reset Tuesdays to make sure they are all updated.  It is a wonderful resource for people looking for a venue to visit, managers looking for venues to book their performers and performers looking for new places.

There is one thing that Second Life has given us....that is a neighbor with tons of talent and friends.....Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends.  With that I went to Canada Day at Key West and listened to one of my favorite Canadians....Max Kleene.  I never get tired of listening to Max.  I was also able to see many was a great time.

Last night I did a giant WOOHOO!  The line up for 5th anniversary of BS's is done.  Now you all know that I am so technically challenged, so all I am waiting for is the texture and I will be sending out invitations.  9 straight hours of amazing music by some of the best performers in SL.  Thank goodness I have the best hostess in the world, Tasha is truly a gem.  Giggles when was the last time you had a hostess tell you did not need to pay them that they did extremely well in tips.  Of course I ignore that....But wow what a sweetheart she is.  I am soooo very lucky.  The next couple of days will be busy so I probably will not get back to this until later next week.  But I am trying hard to not fall so far behind.

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