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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I had wanted to do this after I got the last of the transaction report, instead ended up with an infection that started a fever that knocked me out for a few days.  The antibiotics are kicking in and I am able to stay awake a bit longer.

I thought by the time I sent this out to you, I would have the words to fully express my gratitude for all you have done.  I can't.  On August 5th I received approval and on August 6th each of you kicked it into high gear.  You brought your venues on board, you scrambled and put together amazing line ups.  Performers jumped on board,   Performers I did not know were im'ing me wanting to be a part of this.  Venue owners worked together to help each other if a cancel came up or in one case where the venue owner had rl kick in, two other venue owners stepped up to help out.You each tolerated the million note cards that were sent out as schedules came together,  Venue owners whether you could do a couple of hours or all three days and hours and hours of of performances, it was all done with your hearts.  Performers, wow whether you did one show or many shows you all did it with your hearts.  When requests for hosts went out each of you was there, greeting an promoting SU2C.  In less than a month we were ready.  This event is a shining example of what a community can do.  I am still in awe. 

This list would take forever if I were to list each and every name that worked to make this a success.

I would like to send a very special thank you to Tristyn Homewood for designing the kiosks that all of us used.

Some recaps:  23 venues, a snail racing team, 2 venues that were unable to get line ups done but still had the kiosks up, 150 performers, an amazing community, and 1214 different people donating (many donating 2-multiple times), 3..5 days = L1523731 = just under $6000 USD adding in the credit card donations puts us over $6000 USD.

I have been in touch with Stand Up 2 Cancer and they were thrilled with the results.  We will be discussing things that can be done within sl in the future.  I put off that conversation until I got done with all of the this.  If you have been following my blog, you know I am spreadsheet challenged so it was a job needless to say, but it is done.  The only things left are any further transfer details.  I am entering them as soon as they occur. 

There is a link to the transaction report in the blog and also on the team's FB page and if it is not there yet will be by tomorrow on the team page in ASN.


Thank you again to each of one of you, you came together and truly made a difference.  Thank you for allowing me to a part of such a wonderful community

Many of you have expressed a desire to do more and to learn more, for this reason the group SL STANDS UP TO CANCER has been formed.

The team is open to so many things that I would not want to restrict it to one particular organization.

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  1. very well done still and everybody else that participated ..congratulations