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Thursday, March 5, 2015


RL has managed to keep me under a rock for a bit, but not one to let anything rule my life, I am getting back more and more.

Starting today at one of my favorites,  Kickin where ScrtsSafe and LilMissPriss gave me the warmest those two.  Remy Farman was on the stage and kicking has been way too long since I have seen him.  One of my favorite pics of myself came from someone taking pics at Remy and Tia's venue.

I attended a very good friend's 8th rezzday party the other day.  She had told me ahead of time that I was in for treat.  Never did I expect to hear what I heard.  Some voices you have to ask why you are not hearing them in rl.  This one you can as he has done two seasons in Broadway and hmmmm trying to remember it, it sounds like it would be the equivalent of Broadway in London.  If you ever in your sl get a chance to hear Luciano best advice is run to it don't stop at go don't collect $200.....just run to it and know you are listening to a man that can go from opera to pop and does each beautifully.  It is truly a treat be able to hear him live.  There is nothing better than finding new performers that just blow you out of the water.

Look I finally learned how to add a pic to my blog.  Even technically challenged, given time I can learn.  And this one I just have to share...we all know and love ScrtsSafe and what a great sense of humor he has.  Remy's song just made him want to grow a beard.....with a bit of rogaine he did geow on.....though he must have used a ton of rogaine to make it grow this fast.

Hanging at Kickin listening to Liam Defoe thinking I may just stay here as The Vinnie Show is next!!!

Listening to The Vinny show....this man is talented and has an amazing stage prince....He is fun as well.

It is about time for me to take a break and focus on some rl......You have my word that I will not be such a stranger!!!

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