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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Its finally here!!!  The day everyone becomes Irish.....and such a fun day in the live music community!!  Digs back in closet otherwise known as inventory fins cute green dress, shamrock tatoos, top hat and of course my shoulder leprechaun.  Off I go

First stop Smokin Aces....Shannon and Rocky did a great job in decorating.  I love all the shamrocks on the floor.  Shannon and Rocky hav one of th most fun venues in sl.  Gotta love the two of them....They have some of the largest hearts.

The First performer was Liam Defore.  It was the first time I listened to him for an hour.  Pretty impressive!!! Such an enjoyable hour!!!  Liam was sooo ready for St. Patrick's Day

After Liam, Lisa Petrolhead was on.  As often as I heard her name,  I never got to see he perform.  I enjoyed myself listening....I went afk to catch up on blogging and while I was writing a ton of old friends came in......Hogan was next!!!

If you have never heard Hogan, you should make a point of hearing him.  His show along with his Hi-Steppers are always fun.  Hogan is one of the most talented men in sl....You can't help but have a great time.......................Hogan was there in his Irish bet and had his kilt on....added in some Irish songs, he was holiday ready.

After Hogan, a very dear friend took the stage...Eliz Wantanabe.  To know her is to truly love her.  and boy can she sing!  Anether performer you should not miss.  Eliz has such a wide range.  At Smokin whe does country, when I used to have he at BS's she would go formal.  Today she brought out her Irish roots and sang some of the most beautiful Irish ballards.

Though I meant to bounce one venue to another, Smokin had such a great line up I could not bring myself to leave.  When Eliz finishes, I guess I should fix dinner.  I have not had an appetite lately and have to remind myself eat at least once a day.  Too bad it doesn't

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