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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Finally I am getting to the end of this blog.  I am really long winded this time......reminiscing a lot as I write.

Yesterday the 4th of May I was able to get back out.  As I checked events I saw another friend performing and off I went to Ecnad Nation to listen to the talented Kevin Thomas.  Another very recommended performer.  It was an all originals show and Kevin is wonderful at originals add to that the charming personality and it is always a very wonderful performance.

Ecnad Nation

Kevin M Thomas at Ecnad Nation 050415

When Kevin was done, I took a break for a bit, then later headed over to The Gspot to see Ganjo Mokeev, unfortunately he was having technical difficulties and had to cancel the show at the last minute.  The G Spot Block Party is ALWAYS a fun place to just hang out.  They had a great stream and my buddy Jolie Serendipity came over and we waited for the QuadRadix.  You can't help but love the QuadRadix....4 streams dualing together --Max Kleene, Denny Mac, Sabian Inglewood, and Ben Cleanslate

In the meantime we got to discussing the next upcoming Awards show her builder group has at BS's and its theme.  As the QuadRadix took the stage I asked their management team if they could perform that song.  So I gave them the time and date and the song name.  Unfortunately, well fortunately for all of us, but unfortunately for that particular event, they have to work around their performers' individual schedules and this will not work for for them.  So I am looking of someone that can perform the cover song "We Built This City on Rock and Roll"  If you know of anyone, please let me know.

The G Spot

QuadRadix at: the GSpot 050415
As I finish up this blog, I wanted to say thank you.  I hate going on about my health issues, but in the little I have said, so many of you take the time and check up on me.  Often times just leaving me messages that I am in your hearts.  You truly have no idea how very much this touches me.  I love each and everyone of you...You have given me so much.  If I could find a way to stretch my arms long enough and give you all the biggest bear hug known to man, I would.

This morning as I was finishing up this blog I ventured out to another to another new to me venue, Voodoo Blues.  Again another venue I have often seen in events but never been to.  I loved it.  I also got to hear LoneWolf55 Genesis.  I have not had feeling of what a great place to relax and have my morning coffee since Guthries closed.  Today I found it while listening to LoneWolf and relaxing at Voodoo.  I will be starting many more days there.

I have noticed something,  the events in the earlier hours of of the day are very slim with only one or two venues doing anything.  If I had someone that I could count on as a reliable General Manager, I would reopen BS's.  There is so much that is missed by not having music going.

Voodoo Blues

LoneWolf55 Genesis at Voodoo Bayou 050517

Look for something from me in the next couple of days to help the people of Nepal.  And watch for that invitation to the spring prom...It will be amazing.

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