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Monday, July 6, 2015


With not a lot going on in rl I actually have the time to do some serious venue hopping.  Yesterday, I was able to get in and see BudW at LA Club.  I have to admit, I am completely under the spell his voice weaves.  I adore listening to him.  Ladies you  know the kind of voice that you wish you could hear each night as you fall asleep.....he has it.  LA Club is amazing in itself,,,,every time I go Nhaomi has done something different there.

BudW at LA Club
I started out today rather early...there was slim pickins on the event board.  One of my favorites was there though.  Off to Kickin I go.  I must have been the early riser, It was myself JPeabody and the hostess Mari.  The mark of a really good entertainer is to keep going no matter who is there and JP sure was.....This man has an amazing voice and takes me back down memory lane.  The venue started to fill, within minutes it was full....guess people just needed that first cup of coffee.
JPeabody at Kickin 070315
 Through out the weekend I tried to make it a point to make it out to see as many performers as I could in between grills, and fireworks. So the 4th was a busy day for me.  First I went to a venue I had not been to before, Mediterranean BDSM Resort   and I got to see the amazing Lee WineGarden.  What a great way to start the holiday.  I had never heard Lee before and what a treat that was.  Highly recommended if you are looking for some ear candy.

LeeWinegarden at Mediteranean 070415
On to Club Lion.....How can one not love listening to Laidback Celt....Club Lion is a really cool venue.  Maybe it is me, partial to the lions, after all you know BS's logo.  But I thought that friends had me some really cool lions over the years....Club Lion has some that are even better....shhh don't tell the creator of mine, because I do truly love the ones he has made me.

Laidback Celt at Club Lion 070415
Moving ahead I went t=celebrated the 4th at a venue that was sooo into the Independence day theme...To the Stars, This many venues in one day, you  know me, one of those performers had to be my wonderful Max Kleene.  Our Canadian friend put on a great show for the US that day.

Max at To The Stars 070415
 I also got to Wildcat Country later on the 4th to see two other friends perform.  Both Luke Auster and someone I had not seen in quite a while, Bubba C John.

Luke Auster at Wildcat Country 070415

BubbaC John at Wildcat Country 070415
With that it was time for rl celebrating......I truly hope each of you an amazing 4th of July

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