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Monday, July 18, 2016


Ya know I never take the laptop wth me to the doctor office, usually just the tablet and phone.  But I had a few hours stuck between the MRI and the appt so I thought what the heck.  Little did I know that I wasn't going home so ultimately I was glad I did.  It did give me a chance to log in and catch some live music before I ended up sleeping for a couple of days.

On the 8th of July I was able to get in and see some amazing friends and performers.  Starting with one of my oldest friends Mamaa Saiz at Surfside Hideaway.  Though I have not had a chance to see Mamaa in a long time, he remembered the wondered hit wonder that I loved (At this moment by Billy Vera and the Beaters) and performed  it for me.  Though as Mamaa always reminds us Billy Vera did much more than just this song.

Mamaa Saiz at Surfside Hideaway 07082016
Then I headed over to a favorite venue  LoveKats to see the very talented Mavenn

Mavenn at LoveKats 07082016
Then I was out of Live Music for a few days and also sleeping for a few days.  Even when I got home late on the 13th was still spending a great deal of time sleeping and with a heating pad on my back. No one ever warns you what those surgical tables do to your back.  In many ways I am still feeling it.

On the 14th I was able to venture out once again.  So I headed out to Balboa Bay,  I got to see my old friend Chris Darkstone,

 Chris Darkstone at Balboa Bay 07142016
My buddy Max was up at Balboa Bay. After numerous attempts to get in because the sim was full, I finally did.

Max Kleene at Balboa Bay 07142016
Yesterday, I was just able to make it to one show, but wow what a great show.  Noma Falta, such an amazing performer at The Fillmore.  Sadist does a remarkable job with The Fillmore, always packed and always welcoming.  I believe it is one of the best venues in sl.

Noma Falta at The Fillmore 07162016
Today I was just able to get to a Max Kleene show at another favorite venue, The Seaside Lounge.

Max Kleene at Seaside Lounge 07172016
 I also headed over to Kickin to see another amazing friend. Krisie Snowdrop.  Krisie is one tthat I get to follow on FB as well as sl.  I am overjoyed with her successes in RL Music as well. she is truly one talented performer.  I have said it often in the past....Canada provides tons of talented perfrmers to sl.

Krisie Snowdrop at Kickin 07172016

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