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Monday, July 4, 2016


On the 23rd I headed over to LoveKats to see Gibson.  Gibson is an amazing performer.  Talented and fun.  If you have not heard him yet, I highly suggest that you do.  If you have then I am sure you already love listening to him ass much as I do.  Between Gibson and Love Kats what a fun time it was, now keep in mind that I am biased about Love Kats,  Kat has done an amazing job on that venue and is also a close friend.

Gibson at Love Kats 0623 2016
When I left Love Kats, I headed to a venue that I had never been to before.  You know me I love finding new venues, seeing the creativity because everyone is different and each venue is a reflection of its owner.  This time I went to Stallion Jazz Club it is a beautiful venue and graced by ChicagoSax.  Now that man can play.  He is a great musician in both sl and rl.  Turns out that since I moved back to civilization we are not that far from each and know soo many of the same places.  Laughing if we compared notes maybe even the same people.
ChicagoSax at Stallions Jazz Club 062302016

I did not get out until I was asked to come listen to the absolutely amazing Steve Genesis.  He was donating his time and talent to Musicality.  For those that are not familiar with it, Musicality was a fund raiser organized for an extremely worthy cause.  As many of you in the US are aware, due to spending cuts out music programs for children is nonexistent in some areas and very limited in others.  I believe the best way to describe what this fund raiser was about is to just give you the mission state of Spread Music Now:

"Facing the Crisis at Hand 

Confidence. Creativity. Collaboration. These are just some of the things that improve when a child participates in structured, rigorous music education. Multiple studies have shown that students that learn music develop stronger academic skills, and in general, enjoy a higher quality of life than peers who do not study music.

Unfortunately, cuts in school music education programs have left many students with minimal exposure to the arts. This trend has taken an especially harsh toll on high-need students, since school-based programs are often the only opportunity they have to receive music education.

SpreadMusicNow is committed to filling this gap by funding music programs that foster continual learning and that put students on a clear path to college, career, and life success.

We believe that by providing a child with music education, they will experience a better quality of life and develop skills that will help them to not only become successful students, but role models that benefit society as a whole. 
While there I was able to see the a few different performers.  Starting out with Stephen Genesis....I am going to have to follow him around the grid....Wow I really enjoyed listening to him.
Steve Genisis at Musicality 06252016
 Some of my favorites that I stayed for.
Collin Martin at Musicality 06252016
And SoulVision
SoulVision at Musicality 06252016
The day was filled with amazing performers all giving their time and talent.  A reminder of how large the hearts of the SL Music Community are.
On the 29th I was able to get out again.and headed out to another venue I had never been to, Bonanza Country Club.  Oh my gosh how welcoming they are.  Bella1 Abbott is one of the nicest women.  I got to see Gemini Silverstone.  What a fun time that was.  
Gemini Silverstone at Bonanza Country Club 0629016

Then I was tp'd to another favorite favorite country performer, Shaye Dezno.  Unfortunately I arrived late and just caught the end of her show. I was unable to take a picture. From there we tp'd right over to Acoustic Cave and had the added benefit of listening to the so very talented Gary Jonstone.  Acoustic Cave is a mainstay in sl and one that always is a great place to hear so much talent, Max does a wonderful job of always having a great line up.
Gary Jonstone at Acoustic Cave 0629016
 Wow I forgot the 30th!  I wnt over to Duval Street and Pub and saw everyone's favorite Acoustic Energy.  Another absolutely amazing performer.
AE at Duval Street and Pub 06302016
 And now June is done.  What a month it has been.

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