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Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Weekend

The San Diego Jam took place this weekend' Second Life performers traveling from hours away and Canada to attend.  I spent most of the weekend watching it on Ustream and was reminded why we love Second lIfe Music so very much. 

Each artist had a time slot on Saturday evening, that was great.  Though I or one, have to admit loved the hours of jamming.  I was able to listen to some artists I have not heard in a while.  Celtic reminded me of what a wonderful voice she has when I melted to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Taunter also showed us her wonderful voice.  I have to admit that both these women are awesome in their own right, but they sang together and it became pure magic.  I, for one, am hoping that these two do more together in Second Life.

The jam also brought artists that I had not heard before.  Eva-Moon and Lyndon were awesome and Tamra blew me away.  If you haven't had a chance to see these performers, I would highly recommend it.  Now I can't go without mentioning an artist that I respect as performer and truly call a friend as person...No jam is complete without Max Kleene, always great whether he is jamming or performing on his his own.  There is another performer that I completely fell in love with...Zak Claxton.  This man is awesome...completely and totally awesome!!

Mankind was there and performed for a while as well.  Raspberry and Lexus also were there...I did not see as much of them as I walked away from the computer or got busy with my own venue at the time...and sometimes that good old RL decided to interrupt. 

I have to hand it to Gwampa and Ayesha.  Ayesha, wow I can only imagine the time that went into putting this together, she did a fantastic job and celebrated her birthday while there.  Makes me seems like she gave us a birthday gift.  Thank you  sooo very much.  Gwampa came through and the video was the best I have seen from a jam.  Each jam gets better and I know he plays a huge part in making that happen

As a venue owner, I know there are performers I am going to try and get at my venue, Giggles...already put requests out.

If you have ever had a chance to attend a Second Life music jam, or to watch one, it reinforces all that is good and talented and fun about the live music community.

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