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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventures in Second Life Music

The past week things have been quiet for me as I was more interested in the Superbowl....Thank you Packers, you made me proud to be a life long fan.  With the Superbowl behind us and the Packers headed to Disney World it is time to move on.

A couple of interesting things did occur over the last week or so.  The article that Katydid wrote on the UMC group came out.  A very well written article.  The only thing that had bothered me was that it did not include a link at the end for the chat log as I had been assured it would.  A day or two later...maybe due to many requests, who knows, the chat logs were released..needless to say, I rearranged my day listened to them and saved them to my computer.  I had to see if even though his terminology is very disgusting, I had to see if I in any way deserved the wrath or anger that I heard about.  Though I was loud, which is me naturally...and probably a bit louder since someone else had their speakers going...I did not say anything wrong...Our opinions were asked for and and I reciprocated.  Interesting, that my opinion was thought of enough to get that kind of reaction versus the other venue owners that also stated they would not be cover charge venues.  Or maybe I am just an easy target for this man, and he truly despises and does not know how to deal with a strong woman....just speculation on my part.  Since I believe public access to the chat logs ends today or tomorrow, if anyone would like them, just let me know and I will send them to you....or laughing because I am technically illiterate, see if there is a way that I can put them on here.  But I am branching and discussing this performer is not what I intended to do today.

I did find some things that once again reiterated so much of what I love about the various Second Life live music venues.  This morning I was unable to sleep so I thought I would find a new ballroom for myself and my husband to attend.  We adore finding new ballrooms in beautiful builds.  Trying to surprise him off I went.  I used search for ballrooms and found the Charleston Lace Ballroom.  A beautiful build that is part of three sims, with Ft. Sumpter taking one of those sims.  Lo and behold, I noticed a line up posted.  This was not only a beautiful ballroom, if you get a chance check out the ballroom in the sky, the beauty took my breath away,  but also a live music venue.  I spent some time speaking with one of the owners, though it is a newer venue and still in many cases coming together, her passion for the Charleston area was apparent and caused me to think of Mara and the Titanic.   A venue I am looking forward to attending and exploring. 

I went on with my personal search and got to Starlight, another absolutely beautiful venue.  While there I started speaking with the owner as they also have live performers mixed in with dj's.  Patric loved what everyone is doing to promote live music in Second Life, he in turn gave me the venue itself's owner as well as another place which I will touch on.  We will be putting Starlights on our list of places to visit.

Through it all Patric also took me to Netera's Coffee Lounge.  As Patric and I talked, he explained to me that the owner does live interviews with performers amd then they also perform there.  I will be the first to hang my head and admit I do not keep the radio stations in Second Life streaming on my sim, choosing to use outside streams.  So when it comes to that I am like a noob, and know little to nothing.  If I know someone is doing an interview then I have tuned it in, that is usually the stations affliated with Moolto, and it is because of the promotions I have received to remind me.  Yes I have the serious issue of old age and blonde roots.....a dangerous combination when it comes to remembering, also, giggling under my breath, a great excuse for forgetting.  Now I am branching again.......

Netera's has me totally intrigued.  I am looking so forward to attending some of her interviews.  In reading some of the things around her venue, the real person also has me intrigued and I am looking forward to actually talking with her one day.

Today showed me that once again, the many of us that think and/or believe we play such a large part in Second Life music, in all honesty are small in the grand scheme of things here.  There are sooo many performers, venues built with an idea and passion, ways to experience live music in Second Life.  I, myself am going to try to spend at least an hour or two each day exploring Second Life and the wonders it brings to the live music scene.  Today, I was also given a link to a newer Second Life performer, all I can say is WOW, rarely does one have a chance to listen to such an emotionally powerful performer....I have a feeling that we hear a lot of this man in the upcoming day, watch for Jesse Ribeiro, I know I will be following him around the grid, he has a quality in his singing that made me think of when I heard Skye Galaxy for the first time.

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