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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Apologies to my readers

Hi, I am apologizing ahead of time, but I do need to vent and rant for a moment.

Due to the fact that I have the years of sales directors, corporate trainer, and a long list of accomplishments in my rl backgroud, I tend to have a bit knowledge in how to work hard and get things done.  Usually I keep this part of my life separate from Second Life.  Though when people get wind of it, quite often they see a way to use me to further their own personal agendas.  Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing.  My biggest downfall is that I trust them.  I did this once when I first started the venue and got sucked into holding the meeting for the CCS system, I did it again when through the course of a conversation I accepted a position with a Second Life publication...M3 Music Matters.  Unfortunately, I was asked to do things over and above the selling of ad space, starting with asking me to write a 20-30 second spot for the radio station, giving opinions on articles that had not been published yet, yet passed out to myself and other venue owners for viewing, to writing a rollout for a "diabolical" plan, which he remained a member of a group so that he could have his foot in the door for a plan that would take people away from that group.  All of it very unethical to me.  I listened a few times gave my opinions on what he was doing, but would not do any of the things he was asking for. 

The one thing I did do was to follow up on lead given to me to sell advertising for the magazine...after all that is what I was hired for on a commission only basis.  I also did one other thing, I had BS's also purchase an ad.  I am the kind of person that can not sell something, if I myself would not purchase it.  I am good at what I do, maybe because I do not use "used car sales" tactics.  After all, when it all comes down to it there is only that I have to answer to, and I prefer that those answers be that I always do what I felt was the right and honest thing to do.  I have to like the person that looks back at me in the mirror in each day and be able to hold my head up knowing that I stood up for what was right.  So I spent 8000 lindens on an ad.  I set it up so that I kept my books straight.  M3 was seperate from BS's.  Hmmmm as I write this, I realize I was never paid for that ad, I may have to im and remind him.

I also approached the lead I was given.  Though the lead was a different field than music, and an extremely nice man that produces a quality product in Second Life,  he asked some very pointed questions.  Coming from the advertising background that I do, I realized the questions he asked were very valid and told him I would try to get the information for him.  Instead when I requested the information, it was unavailable, I told the owner of M3 one way to possibly get the information.  He told me to do it.  Ummmmm once again not in my job description.  Besides any publication, in making themselves marketable, should be able to provide their demographics in seconds.  This is a common marketing tool.  Also a wonderful tool to give to give your sales people so that they have a leg to stand on when talking to potential clients. 

After watching the games played with other people and not being given the tools I needed to perform the job I agreed to do, I did quit.  I have enough on my plate without doing anyone else's work for them.  Now in this case, I have to wonder if though the lights are on, is anyone is really home.  I have been attacked through a group, in group chats etc....One would think with the completely illogical things that have been said, that I truly did something to this man.  I did nothing except expect him to keep his word.  His magazine should not be based upon one person's ability to sell advertising for him, yet his comment about it costing him 20k today, led me to believe it was.  Giggling I realize that without my 8000L that number he put in group chat would have been higher. I have no vested interest in this.  I do have a vested interest in my venue, and anything I do there, I can afford to do there.  It is overhead that as a venue owner, or anyone that does anything that costs them money should be prepared for.  It is called being responsible for yourself.

There is a good thing that has come out of all this, a ways back I had done a ton of research and compiled huge amounts of data, then promoted Oristill Advertising.  It was then and would still be a win/win/win/win/win situation for five different avenues.  Vendors/Venues/Media/Performers/Audiences.  Over 400 performers gave me data showing their support at the time.  All of this is sitting in a data bank and I never moved forward with it due to the time involved.  Many have approached me wondering why I did not pursue this avenue.  The silliness I have seen lately is showing me that this concept is needed, so we are discussing going forward with it. 

I do ask one thing, if you choose to attack me, and you like to use big words, please use them appropriately, otherwise using big words is not a sign of intelligence.  The one truly honest thing that was said to me was that he told me he is a tyrant, I did not believe that at first....I do now.

I do apologize once again for I do know that this blog was all about me needing to vent, and truly carries no relevance to the music community.  I promise you that this is not something you will see often, I think today's attack just got the best of me.


  1. Just an update, though I was told I would receive payment on part of the ad, I still have not received it. Makes one wonder how much of his word can be believed.

  2. It is the 24th of February and I still have not received payment, hmmmm shows me just how good Reslez Steeplechase's word is.

  3. Wow both Res and his alt Pat, seem to like to harass me......never accepting an answer, putting a spin on words and never being completely honest....For whatever reason Pat chooses to im me randomly with insults. I have to wonder is he drunk or high at the time. I truly do not know if he is a drinker, but the other, well he did tell me about does he wait until he makes no sense at all and then randomly hurls insults.