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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today I received an im from someone which I believe, since they talk the same and have the same temper tantrums, and even same typos seem to mimic another person, I believe they are alts of each other.  But that is my opinion,   At any rate, I received an im from him telling me to expect a group invite to yet another group.  And there is not even an originality on this one.  They took an existing group because they were upset that they could not send out notices, and expanded on the name by adding one word ...Yet the group is set up for solely venue owners to send notices.  No one else should ever be sending notices.

The bickering lately is pretty funny, it is rather entertaining.  Though I myself would not join a venue owners group that was not owned by venue owners.  Also one has to question if the answer to everything is to just go off and start another.  How does that unify a community?  I would think it does more damage to a community than to unify it.

If there was an issue, the person that had the issue should have done the adult thing and asked directly.  Then again, one must always take into consideration a person's ability to do the adult thing.  I have found that too many that can not argue a point objectively, all too often turn to mudslinging, name calling and cussing.

It was brought to my attention that because this blog is my opinion, that I should not promote it to within the group I belong to.  Now this I find amazing.  That same group is set up for discussion pyrposes, the sharing of thoughts and ideas.  It is just easier to write those thoughts and ideas down here rather than hit the group with a number of motecards.  Not to say that my opinions are the best, nor are my ideas.  They may not be the worst either.  But I do belong to a group that is meant for a sharing of ideas, opinions, etc....and any other venue owner has the same abilities within that group.  Laughs I remember a owner going completely off the deep end about another member in that group and doing it in group chat.  Though this particular group itself did not have a clue as to the why's....he was yelling about something that happened in another group, which I tried to point out to him in a private im. 

I have also been told that it is unethical to share a conversation, yet the person that held that conversation gave permission for it to be copied and pasted....even suggesting it himself.  So yes the repercussions of someone actually pointing these things out, things that they did to others is one not only becoming pitiful, but sad....these are grown ups.  hmmmm makes one wonder.  At least I know my blogs are being read.  People are given two choices.  read it or don't read it, no one is twisting anyone's arm to do either.  I also give my opinions when I think something is really good.  But as always, they are my opinions and I am entitled to them.

I have seen blogs that truly talk horribly about people.  Someone once directed me to Zorch's.  I read it picked up my jaw and moved on.  I did not attack him for those opinions nor did I praise him.  I chose to ignore it.  Those that read my blog have the same choices.

For those that want yet another group, hey that is you...myself, I will just stand back and watch while the usual happens a lot of talk, mudslinging and nothing truly being done democratically or efficiently to truly bring the music community together.  The 20-70 in the groups does not (the group I own as well) truly represent the music community and or the performers.    I only own this group because as I said in an earlier blog, I was new and dumb and bought into the Mankind's and spin on the CCS.  In all honesty, I have thought about leaving it, but then I have always felt a responsibility to those that joined in good faith.  So as a group owner, I will state when I feel something is right or wrong.  They are my opinions, and I feel as though every venue owner should be able to state their opinions.  They have a place to do so here, without worry of being cussed out for stating them.

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