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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A favorite venue

Quite often when I have a spot to fill, or see a new name on their line up I will take a trip to the Audio Union.  Though it is not the place for groups, it is for venue owners and/or those doing the booking for venues.  It allows me the chance to other venue owners that are friends as well as some that I do not know.  Besides no one should miss the chance to see Rusty and Kimmie some of the best in SL.  Yes there is some bias there, but I love them both dearly.

Each performer is given 15 audition, managers are there to answer questions, arrange bookings etc.  The talent there is not restricted to solely musicians it includes track as well as musicians.  Something I love.  My own personal opinion is that when you have a track performer, their voice is their instrument.  I have heard many that are both talented on an instrument and vocally, then again I have listened to some wonderful musicians that kind of lose it when they sing...everyone has their strengths.  The goal of any performer should be to perfect their strengths.  If your voice is your strength, try working with a musician to dual....that is true collaboration and the results can be magical.  But I am rambling.

Back to the Audio Union, their lineup includes so many genres, you would have to be hard pressed to not find an awesome performer there.  Unfortunately, I usually have performances while the Audio Union is going.  A couple of times a month they also put together an event that is more fitting for European Time Zones.  The next time, as a venue owner that you have time, get on Rusty's mailing list so that you know the times and line ip of performers.  As performers, this is a wonderful place to be seen by other venue owners, and possibly find new bookings.  When there are not performances going on, The Audio Union also maintains a wall of performers that have previously appeared there, along with information on each artist;

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