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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live Music Venues in Second Life

Recently, I had actually heard complaints about how much a venue tip jar's suggested tips were.  I was a bit shocked when I heard that so,  I thought guys know me well....I had to get out and see for myself.  I spent two days going venue to venue.  What I found, as always amazes me about the music community and its venues.

I know I have said this before, but I need to say it again.  Live music venue owners do this simply for the love of the music.  Whether it is a tips only venue, where the venue owner usually tips quite handsomely, or a paying music venues are not in this for a profit.  True, tips help offset the cost, so the performers that truly support and promote the venue do make a huge difference.

Tip jars, from all that I have these venue owners are truly caring individuals.  They care about their audiences and even though the cost of performers some, not all, cases can be higher, the venues have tip jars that truly show their guests that they care and are there for the music and not the tips.  Most of the tip jars were all in the same range, a few higher than others, but I know that the few that were higher also maintain strong paid for line ups almost every day of the week.  Personally, and from what I have seen across the grid, the venue that actually puts 2000 or 2500L and on some days it about the love of music or how much you can take fans for?  Every venue owner has tiers....may of us having entire sims, we do that by choice not to continually take from our guests.  Venues on small parcels do not have those same costs, so why would you ever hit your guests with such high requests.

The venue that has been brought to my attention with such a high tip jar, is actually a stand alone.  I am proud to a part of a community that cares so very much about its venues, performers and guests.  Now, the fun part of this research has taken me all over the grid...venues of all shapes and sizes, creativity, and the love that has gone into them.

You know I can't resist naming them because they impressed me.  Of course I went to favorites:

Sherie's Gaslight, Guthries, The Drunkin Drow, Kickin, Oceanus, Circe's Sanctuary, Alafia Country Escape, Bali Bali, Key West, Trax, The Audio Union, Smooth, .....these are venues I can't resist.

Then of course, I also went to others...many I have heard of and not been to, some I have not visited in quite some time,  Temptation Falls a beautiful venue, My Wish Venue, The O Karoake Lounge, The Pig & Whistle (bound and determined to go back there...loved it) Sweet Passions, The Rockhouse, Accoustic Abyss, and The Majestic, Air Destiny (what a cool idea for a venue), Blue Angel, The Village, Boogie Beach (wow they were having fun there).

There are so many venues in sl...I just chose to use the ones that I knew or were in the event listings that day.

As always, this continues to be a community that has some of the largest hearts I have ever seen and so proud to be a part of it.

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