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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What an amazing community

Second Life Music, for almost two years has continued to amaze me, this year probably more so.  The outpouring of support I have seen for Relay for Life.  Though there sooo many types of events going on across the grid...residents everywhere are working hard to make a difference to find a cure for cancer, I tend to gravitate toward the musical efforts.  The Home Expo opened last week, though I did not attend, one of my best friends in both SL and RL attended as a hostess, then contacted me.....I was able to hear about the awesome enthusiasm of both the performers , the staff working and the audience.  The Home Expo itself was a tremendous success within the first 24 hours.  Yesterday, I attended as a hostess for 4 hours, wow the sim was packed, the enthusiasm contagious, the lindens flowed.  3,000,000 million lindens was hit while I was there....giggles I think with the enthusiasm, a lot of them were mine too.  I can only mention the performers that I saw....and yes I cheated offering to host for some of my favorite Second Life Performers.  Savvanah Coronet kicked off yesterday's lineup packed the sim with fans unable to get in.  Only Savannah can bring Gaga into Country and do it so wonderfully.  She was followed by someone I had never truly listened to before, Stella Silvansky.  I have not only not heard her, but she does not do country so she completely stepped out of her comfort zone and put on an amazing show, (so impressive that I was able to talk her into joining my own country line up on Tuesdays), somehow I do not think we have heard the last of Stella and country in the same sentence.  Damian Carbenell followed Stella, if you have not heard a chance to hear Damian, he is by far one of the most loved performers in Second Life.   I know Damian had been playing with country for a while now, yesterday he showed us all with an hour of country how truly great he is.  Followed by Shaye Dezno.  There is not enough I can say about this woman, She is a wonderful performer on her own, bring in her partner Gary Jonstone and magic happens.  This is a woman going through her own treatments, still finds a way to perform.  I am not only impressed by her beautiful talent, but also her amazing strength as a person.

I can not get past the Expo without mentioning a very special person.  All of the people involved with putting together the Home Expo, an abso9lutely amazing job.  A very special KUDOS goes out to Joonie Jathro....This woman has organized the musical performances....we all know her as someone that comes to our venues and enjoys the performers.........hehehehe and someone I would im if i found a great sale or midnight mania....but WOW who knew just how wonderful she truly is,  My involvement with RFL has given me the opportunity of meeting many people, that I have com to love and respect, made me look at many with a different perspective....Joonie is one of those people.....this woman is completely awesome.

The other day, was one of those days that I  popped around to different venues to hear people, I had moved a line up0 around which opened a new slot, so there was a goal to my bouncing around to the different venues, but you also know I love to find amazing people, performers, and venues.  My latest bouncing has again taken me to different places that impress me sooo very much.  An old friend, Soundguy Senior had reopened his venue,  I love visiting his place it is always lively and fun.  I had gone to hear Mamaa Saix, wow the most I can say is to listen to this man.  While talking with Mamaa after the show, I was able to hear a name I have seen everywhere, yet never heard...he even joked with me about how long he had been trying to get me to listen ( hangs head, ok I am slow)...BGSinger Hermit.  Why did I not listen to this man sooner, shame on me.  He is wonderful.  I had to create a new spot for him I was so impressed.

My journey that day also took me to Strangebrew owned by the beloved Saintess Larnia, where I was able to hear Caoilte Skytower perform some of his Irish tunes.  A fun venue and a an awesome performer.  Unfortunately I arrived at the other too early for performances, but I saw one of the most beautiful live music venues Heartsong, owned by Seren Trevellion an partner.  I am determined to return there.  The build is drop dead gorgeous, the kind I could only imagine of creating.

There is another venue owner, that I realized how huge her heart is as well as her organizational skills and her patience with putting together the most awesome RFL item.  One of all of our favorite venues, Key West, and its wonderful owner Liz Harley.  There are no words I can use better than hers to describe this, so I asked if I could use her words:

"If you enjoy live music and the great artists here at Key West, we've collected 33 opportunities for you to own one of their original songs while also contributing to a great cause in Relay For Life. We are pleased to present "Key West Sessions", a two disc release containing 33 original songs from some of the wonderful artists that have performed on our stage. Each CD is priced at 2,500L, singles 300L. All funds raised will be donated to the RFL in"

Overall a wonderful week in Second Life Music!!!!

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