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Friday, June 3, 2011

A new idea

Sunday, I had the opportunity to meet a very wonderful person that just loves live music.  He has been listening to Second Live live music for many years.  He has actually compiled a list of all the performers he has heard.  The new unique thing about this man is that he took that list and built a site with it that allows everyone to rate performers on a one to 5 scale.

The list of course is subjective to the person doing the rating.  As a venue owner I saw a few things by this. First and foremost, just when I thought I knew so many of the Second Life performers, I realized it was actually a very small amount. So you guys know me well enough to know that it is a mission for for me.  Also as a venue owner,  the owner of the site graciously offers a trade off for signs, his sign on my  venue and my logo on his site.  He makes the offer to promotion companies and venues.  The third thing it shows me as a venue owner is where the pulse of the residents and gives me a good idea of which performers are more demand.

For performers & managers, it should tell them if they are keeping their finger on the pulse of the Second Life community, it may also....gasp tell them whether a venue should  spend 20k or 2k for them.

Wednesday I spent the day going through the events and visiting one performer after another and doing the same today while I work on RFL.  I submitted the names of performers that were not on the list and found some that were wonderful....even booking one, which as I look at the ratings that were already there, I noticed that many also held this woman in high regard, so I am looking forward to having her perform.

Through it though, you know I will always share what I thought were wonderful venues and performers.  Some of these notable venues are The Roof@NYC  Noma Falta had it packed Tuesday night, it was easy to see why both the venue and performer are so well loved (whispers---gotta get her booked)...Then over to a favorite after the Roof, and that is one of the most rockin places on the grid at night....Sherie's Gaslight, where I got to see one of my all time favorites...Strummer Vultee, he was kind enough to play the one song that I love and he learned for me.  (Strummer and Damian the first two performers I ever saw in SL, and look where I am now....giggles, thanks guys)

A venue that I have visited a couple of times this week--gotta love Chili's Deep South.  Always enjoying a trip to Bela Vida.  Now for some amazing performers I have seen....Lou Mannock, Katerina Malaspina, Jase Branne.
This site truly amazes me is not put together by a performer, a manager, or a venue....Ir is someone that just loves live music with no hidden agendas or unhidden agendas. Oops realized I published this and never put the site for this ratings systems in:

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