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Friday, June 3, 2011

It is a shame that some could take a good thing and turn it around

Wow the list goes on.  I have spent time at Bliss Garden Center, first many of us know how amazing Luna Bliss with her builds....her venue MotherTree Concert Area - Heart Of The Rainforest - Na'vi Navi....all I can say is WOW!!  She had Torben Asp there, a brilliant composer and so wonderful to just relax and listen to his music, add in the light show  there are no words.....................

I have to hand it to Oceanus, Tia & Remy not only made one of the most beuatiful venues and one thing I have learned that soooo many of the performers I had not heard appear there.  They keep talent on their stage :) Today I got to see paradorn Ansar extremely talented performer.

It is funny as I was working on this off and on today, I had a huge laugh to myself.  Someone wondered if I was simply because my logo was on there.  Maybe they did not read the part that talked about signage trading.  What was even funnier as I told them I would pass their name along, is that what it boiled down to was the performer wanted to be removed.  It does not  take much to stop and think about which performer has the largest ego in SL........He wants to be taken down from the site, now as the cynical person that I am, I would say that is because the residents are rating him at low numbers compared to the other talent out there.  Though I am sure the reasons given, will be different....when he is winning something or bragging about what he has done in SL ...laughing to myself.

Something else has come to my attention and I think it is sad if it is true.  I have heard that there are some performers that have sent out requests for people to vote for them.  Last I checked it was not a voting system, but rather a rating system.  Also it shows many of the performers they did not know even existed.  Rather than turn it into a competition, I do not in my heart feel it was meant that way....but more for subjective ratings.  A perfect example....I may like a performer, even love him, but ultimately he may only be a 2 or 3 rating in my opinion...who knows he may even be a 4.  I am a tough critic so I have very few 5's.  I know venue owners that are tougher than me....if a pitch is off, etc.  I would hope the performers would take the time to just offer people the link to go and rate rather than push themselves.  Allow the residents to do this in their leisure with their own opinions.  To me, unless you are someone that I would listen to on my radio, jump at the chance to pay a small fortune to see you in concert, ..... that is who I would believe are 5's.  5's will fill a venue every time they perform, with people trying to get in and the sim is full. SL does have a few I think.....and they get their 5 ratings from me.  But they get them not because they asked me to "vote" for them, but simply because I think the talent is beyond amazing.

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