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Friday, June 15, 2012


This team is absolutely amazing!!!  During the clothing auction we had put together what we had referred to as the challenge weekend.  It had started out with a challenge between myself and another captain, as to which team could bring in more had been slated as two sims, two stages.  Unfortunately, the other team had a few mishaps and had to we relocated a fantastic lineup.  I literally cleared my sim except for the stage to keep lag to minimum....amusement park came down, even my house came down, horses stored...even my little African Bengal was stored.  The sim set up to accommodate the auction and music fest.  Performers wow they really turned it on this weekend.  Opening the weekend with one of my favorite people both an awesome performer and a wonderful friend, Shaye Dezno  and closing it on Sunday with another personal favorite, Johnny Paramour.  The weekend was filled with so many of my favorites,  TerryLynn Melody, Christopher123 Quan (one of the most determined performers I have met---his drive to overcome rl obstacles to appear....soooo inspirational...though he kept us on our toes all the way up until he took the stage about whether he could make it).  Though I have not worked often with Chris, I was left with a new found respect for this man and am looking forward to working with him more in the future. Then a special friend, Katarina Malaspina.  This woman volunteers for every single thing she can with the team, i have truly come to love this woman.  On to my favorite Texan...Mamaa Saiz.  always playing one particular song for me that I have never heard anyone else in SL perform.  Taking the stage after Mamaa was the auction's biggest promoter....wearing her jeans throughout the grid with the tag...ask me how to get my jeans or something similar.  Every time she dropped in at the fest and auction, I had to smile. Taking the stage after
Starrfish Ohmi was Max Kleene.  Love this man, so honored to call him my friend and  no fest is complete without him....giggles like no jam is complete without him.

While Max was performing the team hit Ruby level!!!!  Over 3 million lindens raised.  A team team that truly shows how music makes the world go round!!!!!

After Max, Stella Silvansky took the stage and the team started its climb to 4 million.  Stella closed out day one of the music fest and we all fell exhausted into our beds.  Day two started strong with Agustin Braham opening the day.  followed by Eric Steffensen,  I had the opportunity to meet Eric in Nashville,  smiling he is not only an incredible performer but one that asked how he could perform more for RFL.....smiles words that are music to my ears.  Josie Anderton followed him, wearing her dress from the auction, glad to live out a dream of modeling.  Josie brought tears to my eyes with a tribute that she did.  This is one wonderful woman. Then comes Lyndon Heart, someone that is loaded with talent, a great friend, and joining the line up at BS's.  A newer SL performer, Vincent Carpathea, but a voice that is not new to performing took the stage.  Katarina Malaspina followed Vincent.  I could never say enough about this woman.  Due to a cancellation, my very wonderful co-captain Liz Harley moved her performer over to the MusicFest.  AccousticEnergy was back at BS's!!!!!!   I will always be in awe of the hearts in this community of ours.  I wish I had a chance to listen more to AE, but the auction had closed and needless to say I was swamped.  After AE we had an hour break but then brought out Johnny Paramour for our finale. 

This finale was one of the best I have ever seen, Johnny had put so much thought and feeling and emotion into his songs.  Both viewers were on the stage....the viewer containing pictures of those angels lost to cancer, and the other viewer of those that have survived or currently battling the disease.  Johnny auctioned off his guitar, people were in tears. doves were released.  This was a finale and performance unlike any I have ever seen in Second Life.  Thank you Johnny!!!!

Thank you to each performer that wore their clothing and promoted it.

The weekend was done, we all could collapse and get ready for the next weekend.


  1. Thank you soooo very much...It is truly an amazing team!!!