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Friday, June 22, 2012


Over the past few days, I have taken the time to reflect a great deal on the Relay Season this year with the team.  Just like anything else we have had ups and downs, things planned that did not materialize, but more ups than downs.  I have commented many times on how much I love and appreciate the music community,  being on this team has only intensified that.

Yesterday, I actually counted the number of events, team members and realized WOW we stay busy.  To date, 32 events.  177 team members, just under $14,000 raised, Ruby level achieved so far with no doubts of hitting diamond at 4 million linden.  Bronze level reached in rl donations.  Venues that are asking if they can keep going after Relay weekend.  Requests to be included next year. 

All of this and back in February when we held those first brainstorming meetings did not have a clue as a brand new team what we were going to do.  Then I look around at each of the team and think about how very far we have come.  Even when I burned out and had my emotional breakdown, a couple of you held me up. 

Each of you have gone on to reinforce a major thing that many of us already knew.  Music does make a difference and makes the world go round.  As a team we have done some awesome things.  At the same time, just about every event in Relay For Life of Second Life also brings in live music.

I am both honored and humbled to belong to such a great community.  The hearts in this community are sooo huge.  Whether on a team or not, as a community, we truly make a difference in the lives of sooo many.

All I can possibly say is Thank You and that does not seem to be enough.

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