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Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been sooo busy that I have not taken the time to thank some very special people.  One of the events that SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE had planned was an auction.  A very different auction than most;  this auction consisted of articles of clothing each individualized for a performer, based on their likes, a little something about them personally so that it was made just for them.  With Syd Baddingham at the helm this project was launched. It evolved from being just jeans into just about any type of clothing you can imagine.  All of these items were designed with an idea of the performer and by team members that did not normally make things like this in sl.  I watched as many grew talents they were not always sure of.  They each deserve a special round of applause.  they did a phenomenal job....caused all out bidding wars,,, and worked their fingers to the bone.  All in all 33 performers were represented and 37 pieces of clothing.  Whether you are an auction winner or a performer that they made something for, please remember the designers, they worked on these for months.  Syd Baddingham, VixenDawn Resident (she has since gone on to open her own clothing location--Dawn's Awakening), Raven Marx (ok Raven does own his own clothing business but stepped out of his normal comfort zones to accommodate an outfit for one performer that just happened to be one that became a bidding war), Wildroses Pevensey (truly a creative spirit), Chance Caldwell was kind enough to bring us moonshine Allerhand (designs beautiful jewelry) and rebeca Avila (one of the most awesome builders--I saw some of her work in furniture) each learning new talents to achieve these items, and of course Terran Magic, he designed the shirt that caused one of the biggest bidding wars.

Congratulations and thank you for supporting Relay for Life of SL,....Auction winners (in no particular order)

TheaDee, Sparkie Cyberstar, Liz Harley, Still Braveheart, Maali Beck, Starrfish Ohmi, Ara Khandr, Gracie Hyland, Karen Illyar, Panza Eilde, Checkers Firelight, Edith Halderman, Amy34 Twine, GregEllisToranto, Savannah Coronet, Chao Wolfzahn, Grace McDunnough, Lea Annatra, Cooky Swindlehurst.

There is another group to thank and that is the performers that allowed us to use their names, took the time to tell us a little about them personally and allow our designers to be creative with that information.  Each of you played a role in such a successful auction:  Performers (in no particular order)  Starrfish Ohmi (wow this woman can promote her jeans---best tag ever), SweetLilly Pinneli, Dragonfly, Johnny Paramour, Strummer, Josie Anderton, Katarina Malaspina, Max Kleene, Lyndon Heart, Shaye Dezno, Gary Jonstone, Taunter Goodnight, Sassy Nitely, Lexi Luann, Krisie Snowdrop, Steely DeCosta, The Professor, Guitar Zane, Gigi Jasper, Cranston Yordstorm, Melodee McDonnell, CTM Underwood, Antonio Galloway, Tamra Sands, Matthew Perrault, Hogan Bailey, Debi Late, Stella Silvansky, Savannah Coronet, Nigel Palmer.

A special thank you also goes out to swaffette Firefly, of SF Designs;  she designed a replica of gown that Tamra Sands/Hayden wore in a rel life production,

The weekend does not stop there as it continues in the next blog.

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