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Friday, July 27, 2012


Finally as things return to normal....Thank you Ling for inviting me to hear your newest performer.  You gave me reason to take a break from working on my own line up...and off to The Roof I went.  As always The Roof was filled with old friends many that I have not seen in months.  I listened to Amareth Popstar, quite a performer and entertainer.  Many of you may remember him when he used to perform....he is back!!!!  I had a great time listening to him.

Hmmmm venue hopping is so much fun....thinking i will pull up search and see who else is playing where today.  Otherwise all I am doing is cleaning out an inventory that used to be so organized and has become a complete mess over the past few months.  That and waiting for answers from the notecard I sent out to performers and managers, hoping we can work something far soooo good!!!!!  It will be nice to put BS's back on the map with the everyday line ups, versus the one or two days a week I have been doing.

On to The Wharf Cafe and Beach Venue.....and just think i could be using this time more productively by packing up my house but this is so much more fun.  The Wharf Beach Venue is a pretty cool venue with a large dance floor.  I got to listen to Peanuts4u (Lauria Savio)  such a pretty voice.  Looking forward to seeing more of her.

Off I go to Roadhouse Dreams.  Two venues that I had not been at before....and three performers that I had not heard before. Tessa Landmann has the best tip jar there....I love it had to tip it twice....just to hear it...giggles. Nakita Mortenwold...this is a performer I have not heard in a while, so it was wonderful to listen to her beautiful voice.

On to G.R.I.T.S. to hear a performer I had not heard before, Clyde Fearsome, but no one was there.  Time to move on to Paradise City Purple Haze to hear Mike Nelson.  A completely purple venue :)))  I saw a friend performing that I had not seen in a while so I was off to Tormented Aces to hear Hazie Moonwall.  This man is such a versatile performer.  Hazie;s shows are well FUN is the best way I can say it....giggles though he swears he is not a country singer......he can belt them out when he does do them.  Dinner calls ans so I must go.  Hope you are all having as good a day as I am.

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