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Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Recently, I have been asked to do an article or series of articles about the SL live music community.  I have thought a great deal about this...where to start, what to include etc...

Then I realized the this community is much more than my thoughts, so I am asking for yours, it is all of ours for that is what makes us a community. 

Please keep in mind that I am not asking for information on a particular performer, or a particular venue, or a manager, etc....but the community as whole.  What better place to start when writing about a community that with the community.

I am asking you to send me a notecard, im, email...about the sl music community means to you. How has it affected you, any favorite venues or performers.

I can not guarantee that every person's input will be used but I will try to use as many as possible.

Please get these back to me asap as I have already started writing. 

Also if you have pictures of events or causes that have played a large part in this world, please send them.  We will also use as many pics as possible to show the community.  Also there are venues that are tributes to rl of them would also be great with a brief line about what they are in tribute to.

Chuckles another words I am looking for all kinds of stuff.  But to write about the community, I can only do that with your help....we are all a part of this wonderful community.

Hugs to each of you,

Still Braveheart

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