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Sunday, July 20, 2014


I pulled up events and found a venue and a performer that I have never heard before or visited.  What a fun venue Shit Kickers.  If you like to have fun, it is the place to go and the of those WOW's  Geoffrey Steuart.  Look out those that love country singers....this is a man that is amazing.  I was able to meet the owner as well or one of them, Fayte Stuart.  What a sweet person.  I am so glad I stopped there.  After we chatted for a bit, I went on to the next venue.

Elite Sounds of Jazz and listened to an old friend HammerFla Magic.  This man never fails to disappoint....he is extremely talented and a joy to listen to. In talking with owner of Elite, Foxhaven2000 Hecht, another wonderful person, I learned that she not only built a to die for venue with both inside and outdoor pavilion but that she is also on sail-able water leading out to the Black Sea.  I know of no other venue can say that......can you imagine arriving for a special out night out of wonderful performers and dancing yet arriving in your yacht or boat.

After taking a break and doing that one thing we all hate doing, housework, I came back to visit The Music Makers "The Dreamers of Dreams", and hear Annette Sernade.  an extremely pretty ballroom and a performer with a really nice voice.

On to one of my favorite venues...Windows on the World.  Some of you may remember when I talked about this venue before and all it stands for commemorating September 11th.  Joyful Finesmith and Wallace Locke have this is truly gorgeous yet never lets us forget.  Thank you so much Joyful and Wallace for this venue.  I am listening to Lynnie Michigan in the piano portion of her show.  Such talent.

It brings to mind something I thought about a great deal last night.  There has always been the dispute between musicians and track.  Unfortunately lately, I have noticed a difference between pianists and guitarists.  There are such wonderful pianists in sl, many with lovely voices and those that hear them can not help but be mesmerized by both the music and the voice.  I do not see the recognition they deserve though, that is so sad.  They are not track but amazingly talented musicians.  I could only hope that many of you take the time to go see a pianist just as you would a guitarist.

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