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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Many of you know that I apologized the end of last year for not doing my job correctly as a captain and leader of the team SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE, when it came to not doing my homework thoroughly and leading the team into into something that I felt was misleading.  I still feel that same way.  My apology comes because as a team you were a community that made a difference.  Bringing in over $13,000 USD one year and over $14,000 USD the second year.  Besides making a difference the SL grid knew a bit more about SL Live Music and what a wonderful community it was.

My apology comes because I feel as though as I let you down.  Because I had stepped back from RFL of SL, I did not ask anyone to step back with me, but rather follow your hearts.  I suggested that someone else step up to lead the team if they would like.  Unfortunately ....others decided to form a team on their own and change the word Races to Rawks.  This possibly would have been good if they had the ability to talk to to me and get the team that was strong or changed the name completely so they would not be mistaken for the same team.  Unfortunately one of those captains chose to im me and attack me.  Needless to say I have muted her.  The downside is that the team itself had made such an impression on the RFL of SL community that I have received a number of im's over the past few months asking what happened to the music community and did it just fall apart as they only raised less than $700 USD (as of this writing) and did not have a real presence this year not even having a compsite.  Ultimately this is a huge disservice to the live music community as a whole, for I know what huge hearts you have and how proud you were of the team you were on.

Though RFL of SL is not about me nor about any of us individually, as a team you were amazing and I feel that one person in her quest to carry on and not be able to give the her all into it has diminsished what all of you have built together as a team.

My personal feelings toward RFL of SL have not and I have a stage 4 cancer yet still do not believe in them and what was their misleading ways (they have since tried to clean some of it up, its wonders what someone being loud can cause). As the captain of this team though and the highest regard I hold for this team and for the music community as a whole, I am determined to help change this situation, though I would not do it through RFL of SL.  I have taken a year off dealing with transplant clinics and oncologists and the emotional roller coaster it can take you on.  Now I feel as if I have come to terms with my own issues and more determined than ever to give back to the music community all they have given me over the years.

On this note, I do ask that you ask a couple of things....before anyone asks  I have a stage 4 lymphoma (it is a slow growing cancer) but unable to have it treated due to the organ failure.  The organ transplant is completely off the table because of the cancer.  I have had to come to terms with all of this and realize that it will never get better only worse....Chuckles, me the fighter, that was a very bitter pill to swallow.  The two things I ask is that:  One, you do not feel bad for me as there millions that are much worse off, and two, please do not im me with with sympathy and sad im's.  Instead make the most of every single day.

Soooo make the most of each day ... oh and mark your calendars for September 5  it is the day that both Canada and the US will have tons of television stations and stars raising money for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  The US link:   And the Canadian link:

Remember this is the nonprofit organization that every dollar you donate goes to research and not some six figure CEO salary.  Their dream teams of doctors and research is nothing short of phenomenal.

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