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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Sighs and now we know why I am no longer any good to run a venue, I can't be dependable as much as I used to be.  But Have no fear......some things the health issues I just refuse to let stop me from.    For instance....the line up is done for this years Spring Prom and after Prom Party.  shhhhhhh its a secret.  The theme and date.  LOL Last year when I posted it 15 minutes later someone else posted the same theme prom and that it was being put together.  So not even the performers know the theme yet.  I am just waiting for a couple of more things to come together......the invitations being made and lining a photographer up.  Once they are all in place the invitations will be going watch for it.

The other thing I refuse to let health issues hold me back from is Stand Up 2 Cancer.  This year we are attempting something different.  SL is such a diverse community, made up from people all around the globe.  There are Stand Up 2 Cancer Organizations in quite a few other countries,  We are hoping that instead of just directing the fundraising activities to just the US that we hold a place in many of the global organizations, so that residents have a choice.  To donate lindens which would go to the US organization or to donate directly to the country nearest them with the use of a credit card.  We want to make our fundraising efforts as diverse as our community.

I am also considering an event to raise funds for Nepal.  The devastation they have gone through, the loss of lives, the costs of getting them the help they will need.  There are only two other times I have worked on fundraisers due to catastrophes.  The first was when Moody organized the fundraiser for Haiti, the second was when we put put together a fundraiser for Rodanthe.  So I will be contacting International Red Cross and seeing exactly how where monies go that we may raise.  Most of you know I am a bit hardheaded about transparency and accountability.  It comes from the 20+ years of working on non-profit boards before I ever came to sl.  Some local, some statewide and a couple national.  I have been extremely lucky over the years to have the exposure and experience I have.

The next couple of weeks will be extremely busy for me as my oldest is walking across the stage-very pregnant to receive her Master of Education degree.  and a couple of weeks later giving birth to my second granddaughter.

Now back to the things I have not written about but want to make sure you get caught up on.  Come to think of it....this is already long, I should probably start another.

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