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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The next few days I just took some time and enjoyed SL.  There are some really fun places in sl.  At past Christmases I have sent out landmarks to many different themed sims that I thought were done so well and so much fun.  This the kid side of me....the same kid side that is so proud of the amusement park and the roller coasters that are there...of which I should be adding in another one or two in the next couple of weeks.  I just like to check them out first and make sure they are quality.

I also finished the line up for this years prom and after party. Just about finished the build for it.

Now that you have heard all the excuses I have had, back to venue hopping on the 29th of April.  I started out at the Rhodehouse.  Sometimes it is just amazing to me how many live music venues are in Second Life that I have never been to.  The Rhodehouse is one of them.  I have seen them in events many times, yet this was the first time I had visited them.  What a comfortable venue.  I listened to
Brendan Shoreland while there.  What a wonderful time.

The Rhodehouse

Brendan Shoreland at The Rhodehouse 4_29_2015
From there I went on to see a special friend....Josie Anderton at the The Titanic.  Another amazing live music venue and so much more owned by my dear dear friend Mara Menges.  For those that are not aware The Titanic is built to replicate the one from the movie of the same name.  The Titanic Build has been visited by some very famous people one which has made numerous blockbuster movies and been written about in some very famous publications.  Mara also maintains a memorial with every name of every person lost on the Titanic.  I remember the day she she sat me down and related the whole story to me.  It is amazing.  She took the time and introduced me to a few different people, and it was then (though I already knew after meeting one of Oprah's producers in sl) that you truly never know who you are talking to in Second Life.  In Real Life they come from all walks of life.  I know the story about the Titanic, I know that myself personally have met VP's of major Fortune 500 companies and retired professionals that still do consulting work.  I have met Academic Professors, and many from some part of the medical field.  I am lucky that many have trusted me with their rl, but even the team knows I do not any under circumstances share that information.  Even when it is kind of disgusting.  So I am honored that Mara shared her information with me and took the time to introduce me to a few people that she knew.

Josie Anderton is a sweetheart of a woman.  When I first met her we did not become fast friends because I was gullible enough to buy into a friend's drama.  As time went by we became amazing friends, not even remembering why we had not spoken much to each other before.  The day she stood on a stage at a fundraising event I had put together, and dedicated "Thank You For Being a Friend" to me, brought tears to my eyes.  The song meant so much to me that I had a builder  have it played in gift that I sent out to those that were on the team with me, because they meant and still mean so very much to me.

The Titanic

Josie Anderton RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams.4/29/15
After seeing two very old friends I popped over to another venue I had not been to Sundown Beach to listen ElvisAronPresley Lisa.  It has been quite some time since I had seen him.  The last time it was a formal venue and he took the time during his performance to dance with each woman that was not already dancing.  This time, he has added a band it is not formal.

Sundown Beach

ElvisAronPresley Lisa atSundown Beach, 4/29/15
Off to Mystic CoveWhere I was given the opportunity to listen to the amazing David Csiszer  It is always wonderful when I make it out to see friends perform..

Mystic Cove

David Csiszer at Mystic Cove 4/29/15
That was it for me for the day.

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