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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Keep in mind as I go through these, I am the self proclaimed world's largest procrastinator.

On April 16 I ventured one of my all time favorite venues....Kickin.  When I got there it was toward of the end of Liam Defoe's show.  I stayed for Vinnie aka Acoustic Rhapsody and then my buddy Johnny Paramour (besides he always does my favorite Clint Black song for me).  I can never say enough good things about Kickin.  If you don't make a habit out of going you should, it is always fun, the owners LilMissPriss Lane and ScrtsSafe Waco have to be some of the nicest on the grid.  Everyone always feels so welcome in their warm embrace to their guests.  Such a great atmosphere, and great lineup of talent......I can't picture a more fun time.


Johnny Paramour at Kickin
Liam Defore

Vinnie aka Acoustic Rhapsody at Kickin

I did it make to one more event on the 16th.....there was no way I could pass up Russell Eponym and to top it all off, he was at someone that I consider one of very closest friends' venue , CeSoir.  Not even going to touch on the people yet.  This venue is one of the prettiest I have seen.  Live music, readings, art, and the most beautiful settings to hold it all in.  Now I will tell you that the owners of CeSoir. Aeon and Mirelle, I can not possibly say enough good about them.  They are truly some of the best couple you will ever meet in sl.  Mire tickles me to death, if I am quiet for too long, I will get the note card or email saying she hasn't seen me and wants an update on how I am doing.  She is one of the most caring people I know.  Russell and I go back to when I first opened to BS's.  Over the years a strong friendship and bond formed......he also is an amazing performer and is well deserved of the his name The Music Whisperer.


Russell Eponym at CeSoir
That was a lot for one day.....

The 17th of April I was only able to make it to one venue.....but ohhhh so worth it,  It was a new venue for me.  The best part of sl is finding these gems.  Branagh's Jazz, where I got to see another wonderful old friend, the oh so very talented Phil Setner.  Phil is the kind of performer that makes you what a voice!!!!!  It is something I always think when I hear him and I was able to bring him to BS's for the B2B Awards ceremony....Just when I was thinking the wow, what a voice, two other people im'd me me saying the same thing.

Branagh's Jazz

Phil Setner at Branagh's Jazz

Chuckles time to move on to Part 3 of this blog.

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