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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Now that the move is done and I am FINALLY around civilization again.  It has been great seeing old friends and making plans to see the others.  Mind you one of us is getting tickets to Hamilton.It starts in Chicago on June 27th.  Though tickets opened up at 10 am today, I cheated and looked at prices last night.  I had said my limit would be around 350-400 figuring that would put us in the mezzanine seating and not the nose bleed section.  WOOHOO got the tickets for February 26th and it was less than I was thinking.....and very good seats

Though between packing and other obligations I have not been able to get out and go venue hopping as often as I like but I have been a little get out there a little bit.

 Off to the Boom Pony Room, I would normally put in a link, but after talking with Ki, she had moved the Boom Pony and it is only open to public when she does watch events) now this is truly a fun party venue. and one I would I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great time.....always with a great line up, and lots of party people.  There I was able to see a couple of sl's greatest performers.....Twin Ghost and Jon Lar (Muldar Watts)

Twin Ghost at Boom Pony Room 060816_001

Jon Larson at Boom Pony Room 060816_001
 After /the Quadradix finished playing on the 12th, we stayed to see my wonderful friend Mavenn at Island Dreams.
Mavenn at Seaside 061216_001
 I also had a chance to stop at Hotatlana Blues on the 12th and listen to the amazing Toxie.  That woman can sing, if you have not seen her, I would recommend looking for her in events.  You will not regret it.

Toxie at Hotatlanta blues 061216_001
 Yesterday I had some time to myself and headed out for a while,  First stop is Emi's Yellow Rose Saloon.  This was a new venue to me and I could not have asked to be met by nicer owners than Denny and Emi.  I had a chance to hear Lisa Petrolhead.
Lisa Petrolhead at Emi's Yellow Rose Saloon 06202016_001

 From there I went on to The Merry Prankster.  As many years as I have seen this venue in events I had never been there.  The crowd was small but the talent was huge.  Kitzie Lane was there, That woman has the voice of an angel.  Sometimes, I am amazed.  I see such great talent and yet such a small crowd.  For the life of me I can not figure it out.  I have been to other places where the talent is good, but in Kitzie's case it is great.  Yet those venues could be packed.  I for one, will be going to more of Kitzie shows and if you want to hear pure talent, you will watch for her and give your ears a real treat.

Kitzie Lane at The Merry Prankster 06202016_001

 As I am getting more and more of Stand Up 2 Cancer ready, I just talked with them last week.....this year the big fundraiser will be the simulcast fundraiser on 85 different channels.  Canada will be doing the same in conjunction with the US.  I have not heard about the UK yet but I will be watching.

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