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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


After disappearing for almost a month, I am back and really getting out these days while working on SL Concerts to Benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer.  I started on the first of August.  Heading over to The Coffee House and Fireside Chat, I got to see a performer I have not seen in a while.  The very talented David Csiszer.  SL was being a bit rude at the time, so I tried hard to tip him...but sl refused to let me, so I sent it to him directly and still waiting to hear if he actually got it.

David Csiszer at Coffee House and Fireside Chat 08012016
 I would have gone on after that but lo and behold one of my favorite pianists took the stage,  Chris Joel Thompson. I adore him, both as being so talented and also as a wonderful person. 

Chris Joel Thompson at Coffee House and Fireside Chat 08012016

For my first day back out and about it was enough for me, and I called it a night.  On to the second of August.

I started the day at Quinn's Place, Quinn Mallory's new place.  There I had the opportunity to listen to Joe Parvane.  It's always a pleasure to hear him.

Joe Parvane at Quinn's Place 08022016
After Joe I headed over to one of my favorites, Cafe Musique.  Laya has some of the friendliest staff, it is always fun there.  Making my visit even better was the chance to hear Dandy Pianoman, another so very talented performer.  He is so talented on both the piano and the guitar as he switches between them during his show. 

Dandy Pianoman at Cafe Musique 08022016

Then I headed over to see my friend Sin at The GSpot.  Listening to Dee Timeless.

Dee Timeless at The GSpot 08022016
From there I headed to Smoking Aces.  Another fun venue. Shannon and Rocky keep the place jumping.  Shawna Littleboots.  What a fun show she put on.

Shawna Lilleboots at Smokin Aces 08022016 
Just when I thought I had seen enough in one day, I got a notice that The Quadradix was taking the stage.  I had not seen them in a bit so I headed over to Hearts Desire.  It was the first time I had been there.  What a great venue!  As always The Quadradix put on a great show!

The Quad at Hearts Desire 08022016 
I stayed at Hearts Desire for a while, they had an amazing line up.  Cryptic Harmony followed The Quad.  Such a talented woman! 

Cryptic at Hearts Desire 08022016 
Next on the line up was Jon (Mulder Watts)  Jon holds a special place in my heart.  The very first year that I captioned SL Music Races, Jon was on the team.  Unfortunately, his schedule did not allow him to perform the way he would have liked to.  One day, I was by the kiosk by myself no event going on and up pops Jon with a with a generous donation, apologizing for not able to do more.  I was so amazed by the size of his heart.  I was so glad I got to see him last night as it was his last show in sl for a while while his rl really takes over.  He will be missed.

Jon ( Mulder Watts) at Hearts Desire 08022016
I have to hand it to Hearts Desire, it was a great line up!

I was getting really sleepy but we did take a few minutes and headed over to Villa Lobos to see the amazing Reggie Sunset.  I could not make it through his whole show but gave it a try.

Reggie Sunset at Villa Lobos 08022016
That was a lot in one day.  It was definitely time for my pillow.

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