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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Second Life Live Music is truly the best community I have ever seen.  Before Second Life, I had been involved in many non profit organizations at local state and national levels.  I have never seen people like this community put differences aside and work hard, pouring their hearts in to things to make a difference.  Over the years I have watched them put differences aside to come together and make a huge difference in the world.  I have had the opportunity to work with them in the battles against cancer.  I have watched them show their huge hearts with Feed A Smile, Toys for Tots, Helping vets.  The size of the hearts in sl shows no bounds.

I wrestle with my thoughts long and hard, before posting these kinds of blogs.  But sometimes enough is enough and that being behind a monitor gives no the right to go back to being the 12 year old bully, or to think you ar better than anyone else.

This year more than any other 7 almost 8 years in the in the live music community, has shown me how much it is changing.  Twice this year I have broached the subject of cyber bullying.  Sighs now I can add on pettiness to the cyber bullying.  I am thoroughly amazed that anyone would take someone's rl and throw it out there for the world to see (to be honest, I am ashamed of being friends with someone that would do something like that), or that they would condemn someone because they were seeing an ex.  Chuckles stop and think about it.....that is an ex.  No longer your concern about who they see or don't see.  Think about--it is preached that women should not feel bad or insecure about the way they look, if they have misled someone, it is conversation that should be between the people that were truly misled, Not for the world to see and comment on.

I will just repeat something I wrote on a facebook past:   SL bullying is just another way of cyber bulling especially when they bring it to FB and other out of world places. The ironic thing is that if these same people hear about it in the news or anywhere else they can preach against it. How it can be so mean and hurt so many people. Maybe they should learn to look in the mirror and ask themselves if this the right way to handle something. I would bet that they know better, or they don't like looking in the mirror because they do not like themselves. They should be pitied for that....It is sad.

Lets all grow up and play nice in the sandbox. 

An added note:  I was so glad to go and see one of those performers and that all the badmouthing has not taken its toll there were 60 people there.  Chuckles as a venue owner what would possess you to fire an extremely talented performer that has that kind of following.

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