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Sunday, August 21, 2016


I admit that I am the world's largest procrastinator.  I have actually gotten a great deal of venue hopping done, but in my defense I have also done a great done a lot of work on SL Concerts Benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer.  There is a surprise coming up, but I will share it in my next blog.  For now lets get back to the amazing venues and performers I have visited.

I started at my wonderful friend Laya'ss place.  Cafe Musique Where I had the benefit of listening to Aura Fitzgerald.  This was the first time I had the opportunity to hear her and I know it won't be the last.  It never ceases to amaze me of all the talent in Second Life.

Aura Fitzgerald at Cafe Musique 08052016

I went on to a place I had not visited in a very long time.  Trickster Sounds, owned by the amazing Lokki Merriman.  He was performing at the time so it was a treat to be there.  Many of you may not be aware of Trickster Sounds, it is a venue where you can find some of the most amazing performers.  Those that miss him as much as I do, can quite often find Strummer Voltee performing there. I love listening to Strummer, he was the very first performer I had ever seen, so if I happen to catch him in notices, I hurry there.  He is also such a great guy.

 After Trickster Sounds I headed to Solar Winds.  It has been a long time since I was there and LaLuce has been a great friend, I have missed seeing her.  I was able to see the amazing TOXIE.

Toxie at SolarWinds 08052016
 After Toxie was done, wow someone I had not heard in what seems like forever.  Tukso Okey.  What a fun night it turned into.
Tukso Okey at SolarWinds 08052016
 On the sixth I noticed Neomaximus in events, headed over to hear him at Helle's Angels

NeoMaximus Brandenburg at Helle's Angels Music 08062016  
After Neo came a performer I had never seen before, but his name alone made me stay.  We see many unque names in SL, but this one made every goofy pic that graces FaceBook pages flashing through my mind,  I was so intrigued I had to stay to wee Walmart Idol.  I was not disappointed.

Walmart Idol at Helle's Angels Music 08062016
Heading over to LoveKats to bug my very wonderful friend Kat, I got to see Raven.  And drive Kat a little crazy. 
Raven at LoveKats  08062016  
Then I headed over to The Gspot to watch DennyMac....I am starting to see Denny everywhere these days.  Yes I know I am biased.  In Denny's situation, remember I told you that I am not manager material, but I was lucky enough to introduce him to Solana Python, she is an amazing manager. 

DennyMac at The GSpot 08062016

Every once in a while, I get to see an old friend perform and turn the tables on him.  On the 7th  headed over to The Rooftop and I got to see Wolfie Moonshadow.  Wolfie knows that this is the time of year that I am talking to tons of venues and performers getting SL Concets Benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer ready to go in September.  So in all his wisdom, said that he knew why I was there.  Laughing I had to remind him that he was one of the very first performers to tell me he wanted to help and that I was there just to hear him because I missed him.

Wolfie at Rooftop 08072016  
 After Wolfie, I headed over to a new venue for me, The Somerton Club, I was treated to Telima,   I have to say this woman can sing.  If you have not heard her, look for her in events and hurry over to see her.  You will thank me for it.

On the 9th I had gone over to Stargazers, but then much to my surprise he was followed by my very dear friend, Suzen Juel.  I love this woman, She has great talent, but is also a woman that I have so much respect for.
Suzen at Stargazeers 08092016
On the 17th I headed over to End of Time to see one of my oldest friends Russell Eponyym.  Russell has the nickname "The Music Whisperer"  This is nickname that truly fits him.  Russell opened BS's with back in 2009 and has ben a friend a mentor over the years.  When he saw me there, he did my favorite with him...his Sonnets and we did the dream dance.

Russell at End of Time 08172016
I actually saw even more but due to lag or something else going on at the time, I was unable to take a picture of them.

Now I have to tell about one.  Denny tp'd me the first time, telling me I had to hear this man.  All I can say is WOW. 

I love listening to him, his voice has to be one of the most amazing I have heard.  His outlook about performing is a breath of fresh air.  He does not want to be paid, he does not want any of that stuff, He sings simply to make others happy and smile.  Unless someone gets a hold of him and changes the way he thinks, which to be honest I hope they don't,  I hope he stays true to himself.  With that said, if you happen to see Cudzoo1967,  make sure you listen to him.  I promise you that you will be just as amazed as I am.

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