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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


This year we are adding a theme.  The best way to explain it and also give you the opportunity to participate in rl, is to just use their words.  "As we get ready for this year’s SU2C telecast, we’ve launched a new social media campaign to encourage people to share their reasons to stand up to cancer. Whether your reason is a friend, family member, or personal experience with the disease, we want to show how we're all in this fight together. Please join our new campaign #Reasons2StandUp by sharing your own personal photos or videos to your social media channels using the hashtag #Reasons2StandUp. "

To adapt it to sl I think what I will be doing at BS's is accepting photos from people of their reasons to stand up in both rl and sl and displaying them on the venue.

The venues are getting their dates set up and working on their line ups.  More venues and performers are donating their tie and support daily.There may be some special surprises during the month, Watch the blog as they will be announced as they become organized.

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